input on conditioning

for the first 2-3 weeks of the summer i was going to do a circuit on speed days (cns willing). the weight for these are 120lbs which is definitly a low precentage for lifting. i was planning on 4sets of 8 reps. and one circuit per speed day. here it is:
circuit I
power clean
high pull
push press
full back squat

circuit II
push press
snatch pull
full front squat

is this reasonable when the goal of my summer is to increase workload capcity. trust me i need body to adapt. allways feel run down during school year.

Any combination of lifts performed circuit style will yield fatigue. To me, your post does not specifically address any one quality. If increasing your work capacity is your goal, you must indicate whether you are aiming to develop your GPP/SPP for athletics or weightlifting itself. Once this has been defined than you may better construct a specific plan.

At this point (in my opinion) your listed workouts (other than the loading parameters) look no different than a conventional OL two day split.

Illustrate what activity it is that you feel you must be in better shape to perform.


hoping, that the increase in muscular strength endurance will yeild more consistent results in the decatholon.

i am having a hard time understanding how lifts complement track work. i dont want the the weight room competing for what is taken by track work.

what is some criteria to look at for lifts? how would you detemine when lifts should be used throughout the year?

In what events is your performance inconsistent (field?, track?)

Various manifestations of muscular strength are fundemental to track and field.
Knowing how to apply specific lifts and loading parameters to develop performance in specific events is the key.

There will be instances in which track work must supercede strength training, and vice versa, depending on lagging abilities. Thus, there will be times during the training cycle when more of your time may be spent in the weight room.

Lifts will always be used throughout the training year. Which lifts to employ may vary, again, depending on what abilities are lagging. Most often, the core lifts of your program will remain constant (OL’s and PL’s), whereas, the loading parameters will fluctuate.

As far as determining which lifts to employ, you must first identify which abilities are in need of development. Then select the corresponding lift/lifts to develop those abilities.

Understand the speciic ablities which are developed by specific lifts.