Inno-Sport is back up.

I don’t know if anyone else has posted this, but just wanted to let those interested know that the Inno-Sport site is up and running.

So what does everyone think about the inno-sport training system? Korfist just coached the Illinois State champ. 47.87 w/o the typical tempo sessions etc. Has anyone watched his DVD that recently came out?

Inno-sport training system is interesting if nothing else. As far as I know, it’s just a bunch of simple concepts with overly complicated names. It’s based off of auto-regulatory training (do an exercise until you hit a certain performance dropoff). It sounds logical but I know a lot of people on here don’t like it. I’ve never given it a fair shot.

I have the new DVD and I think it is very good! I think it is something different and refreshing. They do alot of stuff involving jump, weighted jumps, explosive lifting, etc. I think this kind of work is VERY useful especially in cold weather climates! Even though doing all this complex training in the weight room may not be the ideal world-class program. I think it is better to do this type of workout in a comfy weight room than to try to do hills and sprints when it is 20degrees(F) outside.

I know KellyB is more familiar with the Inno stuff than I am. Maybe you could ping him?

PS: There are a few long threads on the topic on here. Try a search for “DB Hammer”

Thanks for the info. I’m pretty familiar with the system as I have the book and have talked with Korfist but I haven’t used the inno-sport system on a consistant basis. I was just wondering if anyone has used it with more advanced athletes at the university level or above with some success.

I’m actually a fan of the auto-reg training but I only use it for certain aspects outside the weightroom, ie. maxV sprints and depth jumps.

I didn’t notice all the threads on DB hammer, I’ll have a look through those, thanks.

What did he run before working with them in the 1/2/4?

His junior year he ran 50.4 in the 400 is all I know. You can read the article what Korfist did with him at . I know the kid was more of a “strength” runner because the coach put him in the 800 after an injury last year and he ran 2:00 w/o any training for it.

Interesting stuff when you can get past all the BS lifting terminology. Definately in line with what Charlie says in that they focused on speed/accel and high quality SE (350s).

What do you consider high quality SE? Complete recovery around 30-35 mins? I think the 350’s were done with shorter recovery, 8-10 mins