Injury Rehab

Hey guys, i got an MRI last week and unfortunately it showed i have a stress fracture in my foot. Now I’m a sprinter and we’re in between our indoor and outdoor seasons and i really want to stay in shape as i cant be running on the track for a few weeks. Now I was wondering what kind of workouts I can be doing, i know i can do pool, and bike and medicine ball work but would anyone be so kind to suggest actual work outs to follow for a 100-400m guy? Thanks!

if the fracture is aggravated only by forceful impacts (running, jumping) and not heavy weights, then go ahead and focus on the main lifts (bench, squat, pulldown, GHRs, deadlifts) where theres no hopping or jumping involved.

Check first, But I’d agree with the weights and do the pool sessions in between for two weeks.
At that point you can re-assess the training.