Injured and angry

Hey Fellas. Can you help me identify this injury/treatment? If you guys are sitting down-- place your right hand in the crease between your innermost upper thigh and your sack. There’s a thick tendon? there and it hurts like hell when bringing my leg from a back position forward during a sprint… Any help would be great guys!!!

I looked around and I came across a web site called From what I read I think what you have is adductor tendinosis. This is usually caused by some other dysfunction around your pelvic area. It can be treated with active release and therapy but in extreme cases there is a surgery called adductor tenotomy (they remove the adductors from the pubic bone and reattach it OUCH!! :eek: )

hope that helps.

Could be many things … certainly sounds like it’s related to the adductors or perhaps inguinal ligament injury i.e. hernia