Influenza and recovery

over here in europe we have a catagory A influenza virus which is effecting alot of people.we all know about the flu injection but not all docs will administer it to certain individuals unless you fall into a certain health or age catagory.

my first question is what precautions can we have in place to minimise the chances of us catching it.please exclude vit C and so on as this has been covered there anything else out there that we can use effectively??

secondly and most importantly when the virus has broke and the athlete wishes to resume training what protocals must be in place.we all know that resumming at a 100% effort soon after will play havoc with the cns leading to long should the athlete train at say 75% for??

zinc, fresh crushed garlic (over in Europe you can probably find ALLIMAX, which is the only garlic supplement I recommend), Olive Leaf Extract, Oil of Oregano. And stay away from sick people, especially after you have just trainined because your immune system and all your systems are working overtime to recover. Take L-Glutamine after you train as well. Oh ya, and Vitamin-C :smiley:

thanks herb for your input.its true about athletes immune system and sometimes we are most at risk.

has anyone else got any suggestions,what about post sickness and resuming training

Glad to see you put Garlic top of the list Herb - I swear by it too!!!
If I ever feel a cold coming on I will take a clove before bed - not the most social of things to do - but it always works for me.