Indoor Sprint Training Question

I have the Vancouver download and I have just finished reading speed trap (excellent read by the way!).

Here is my problem, I live in the east coast and it will be cold over here for about another 2 months. Fortunately, I have a local indoor track that I can use but the problem is that the track only has 35/40 meter straight always; after that, is a 90 degree angle to the left and I can’t go further because it’s a brick wall. The track is small (and so is the building), it’s at least 100 meter track all around that surrounds a basketball court.

Anyhow, right now, I should be entering a short to long program, but the problem is that I only have about 30 meters to work with then I need to shut it down so I don’t hit the wall at the end. So my question is, how should I structure my sprint training for the next 2 months until it gets warm enough to use the outdoor track?

I mean, I have already done GPP (hills) for the past 2 months and I should be transitioning into spp1 (short to long) but I only have about 30 meters to really open up? So, for example, could I just do 4x30, 4x30, and EFE along with tempo and weights just to maintain my development?

Do you see what I mean? I’m in limbo, I don’t have enough room to start spp1 and I have already done GPP (hills).

You could perform 5x3x30 spilt runs or turnarounds. Turnarounds sprint 30 stop sprint 30 stop sprint 30 etc etc. I would cont with two accel days and one day of spilt runs or turnaround. In the weight room you can perform hurdle hops and depth jumps.

Thanks. So to recap I could do:

Mon (accel day) e.g., 4x30, 4x30

Wed (turnarounds) 5x3x30

Sat (accel day) 4x30, 4x30

Also, about the turnarounds (5x3x30), would that be 30m back and forth 3 times at 95+%?

The turnarounds was just an example, you could make 3 trip or 5trips whatever u wanted to do.

Mon: 3x3x30
Wed: spilt runs: 5x5x30
Fri: 5x20 sled rest 3 mins bounds rest 3mins 5x20 blocks

Like I said earlier I would do a higher volume of hurdle hops and depth jumps. Ex: 8x10 for hurdle hops and 5-6x5 of depth jumps on 18-30in box.

Can you do a roll in around a corner? What I mean is can you jog up to a certain speed turn the 90 degree corner and then ramp it up? So it wouldnt always just be a full 30m accel. you would at least be starting with a tiny bit of speed.

Seems like a reasonable solution for a small track.

Barely, the place is too small to really open up for wide open throttle runs of efe.

Yea, I’m just going to do the turnarounds.

So for turnarounds, the effort is at 95+ with about a 90sec break right?

Remember turnarounds are different from spilt runs. Spilt runs would be similar to CF spp graphs 5x5x30 sprint 30 walk back sprint 30 etc, turnarounds sprint 30, sprint back 30, sprint 30, sprint back 30, sprint 30, rest 5mins.

Understood. Thank you.