Indoor Season Help

Hey Charlie and all,

I tried e-mailing Angela, but I know everyone in your family is extremely busy right now. If you or anyone else on the board has any time, advice would be appreciated:

I started out my indoor season on Dec. 19 running a PR in the 55m (6.34). The race was quite poor ‘technically’ from tightening up (I believe this is from a lack of racing as it was my first race in 2 years because of injuries and I was in an extremely fast race with a pro sprinter next to me), so under the circumstances the time was surprising and gave an indication of much better times ahead with more racing and unloading.

Since then, I have slowly gotten slower in all aspects of the races (despite my training sessions seemingly going well). I believe it is from a combination of overracing and overtraining through the meets (I was told to do all training runs including the flies maximally by a well respected coach and then worry about unloading later in February). I’ve heard many conflicting opinions from very smart people, so I’m at a loss of what to do now or if it is worth running again this soon. I don’t know whether to scrap the rest of indoors and prepare for outdoors or to taper into a meet on Feb 13. Here has been my training since then:

D20 Travel
D21 Easy lower body weights
D22 Long Warm-up
D23 Warm-up, Throws
D24 2x20m, 2x30m, 5xflying 30m
D25 Christmas
D26 Travel
D27 SN|Travel/Therapy on Quads/Hams/Adductors
D28 7x30m fly, 40-50m run-up off curve
D29 WU, Ab circuit, BP 4x4 easy, pull-ups, therapy
D30 WU, 6x2x205 PC f. blox, WU, 8-9x30m blox
D31 Therapy, 30min contrast shower, Therapy
J1 90 minutes massage quads/hams/calves
J2 55m race (6.43), 3x150m
J3 SN| Therapy
J4 M| Travel/FoamR
J5 T| WU/3x20m 3pt, 5xflying 25m, 3x10 SL Hops, 12x2 Olys, Accessories
J6 W|GS+Elliptical+FoamR+Stretch
J7 Th|WU, 4x20m blox
J8 F| FoamR/Trav
J9 S|CC Meet: 2x55m (NT, 6.43),
J10 SN|Off
J11M|FoamR and Massage
J12T| WU, 6x40-50m from stand, PC 6x3x205, 1x8xleg press, 2x6x225 bp/2x6 lat pulldown
J13W|20-25mins Pool; Massage Therapy
J14Th| WU, 7x5 throws (toe/sesamoid pain, no sprints)
J15F| rest
J16S| 2x55m (6.51? 1st, 6.41 2nd) | 6x2 PS @ 165lbs, BP 265x2, 300x1, Lat PD 2x6
J19T|WU, 1xBU, 2x20, 2x30, 3x60 (standing)|PC 4x2x225, 4x1x265 BP 275x3,x4, H.Rows 3x6
F| Travel/Shake out: 6x20m Blocks, 18 throws for height
S|Meet: 1x60m (6.88); 3x80m after meet
TH| Warm-up
F| Meet 1x60m (6.90)
S| Meet 1x60m (6.97)

Olys = Powerclean from floor unless noted.
PS = Powersnatch
FoamR = Foam Rolling

Looking forward to Charlie’s response.

6.88-6.90 60m is worth about 6.4-6.43 55m, I believe. So it seems as though you’ve hit PB levels again, but it is surprising that you have not surpassed them since the 6.43 was your opener. Do you think your muscle tone was too low after a week of nothing but therapy and warm-ups (W5)? Perhaps supercompensation is in the works and will manifest itself come Feb 13?

The opener was 6.34 and from the footage I saw it looked like he had <6.25 in the bag without a stumble in the final.

What did you do the prior two months before the first race? What are the weightlifts in regards to percent of max?

The training I had for the two months prior was like this:

4-5x Fast/Easy/Fast OR Flying 20m
Powercleans 8-12x2 paired with single leg hops (8 reps each leg) onto the platform (~3-4" amplitude) between sets
Side Lunges (BW or very low load) 3x8+8

3x3x55m (R: 5-7mins / 10-12mins; most workouts stopped after 6 reps because of hitting training PRs each workout)
Bench Press 3x4-6
Lat PD or Weighted Chins 2-4x4-6

8-10x2 Powersnatch paired with single leg hops (8 reps each leg) onto the platform (~3-4" amplitude) between sets
Unilateral RDL (light) 3x8+8

Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday all tend to be low intensity workouts of some form (non-running). Warm-up + GS or BB circuits or Pool workouts or something like that. Once every couple of weeks I’d also do an easy upper body workout on Saturday.

I got therapy (60-90mins of massage) during this period on Sundays and Wednesdays. Sometimes I’d have a third massage session. Basically identical to the current situation.

Weights overall are fairly low intensity. Weights volume now is lower than it was then and intensities basically the same. Strength levels right now are still good–static lifts (like bench) are nearly the same with substantially less work. I benched 355 in early November or late October (forget the exact day) and started taking upper body work very easy after that. I haven’t gone hard on lower body work at all recently and use volume as my main stimulus for lower body versus peaking % of 1RM.

The main issue I see is this:
In SPP I had 2 very hard training days a week (sprinting wise) and 1 other day that was a bit more medium, but still high intensity. My fastest training run during this period is equivalent to ~.4 slower (electronic timing AND video times to confirm this) than my OPENER and is still slower than any run (including prelims) I had this season. I’m just not able to get up the same way for practice as I am for meets.

Now, looking over the past 5-6 weeks or so, I have meets every weekend, which are way higher intensity than any sprint workout I had during SPP, 1 workout that is ~ equal to my hardest SPP workouts, and then a premeet which is roughly equal to my Friday sessions during SPP. Total volume ends up being nearly the same, but intensities much higher and no time off. I took every 4th week VERY easy during this period (as in, weights -20% vol and 10% intensity; 2 sprint days with one of them being just 90% runs). I haven’t taken any week THAT easy since the meet.

If I may I will you use your term “overreached”, I think you are slightly overreached more so from going all out Mon-Fri then expecting great things on Sat. Your training look solid and if you take it easy for 10-14 days I could see you going big later this month.

Training concerns:

1: I would add at least one track tempo session, your setup is great for bobsled etc but I feel a sprinter needs at least one ext tempo session.

2: I would like to see more lower body work squats 2x6x70% or Rev lunges etc.

looking forward to specific discussions about this real case study. The art of not fatiguing, getting flat, or stale (too many races) is a hard one.

It would be nice to see what charlie would do to rectify this.

Hey FOG what were you expecting/hoping to run this season?

Looking back I think you have had a pretty successful season esp where you are coming from. Since you haven’t raced in 2yrs maybe you had a little extra adrenaline for the Dec meet, looking at your times you been avg 6.40-.3 not that far off from that 6.34.

Either way 6.34 or 6.40 nice Pr’s this season!!

About to go to bed here:

As you’ve, Football, have seen (I think), the race was pretty ugly and I barely unloaded for it (hardest workout of the year was 7 days before the race). 3 different coaches who don’t know each other personally, but have coached 10.0-10.1 athletes said that 6.65-6.70 60m, with tapering and running a clean race is within reason and one I spoke to a few days ago actually got angry with me about what I did training wise (wish he said something with that tone earlier).

Always happy to PR, but I expected better out of myself and the training times from Nov/Dec pointed to that as well. I’m talking to the big man next week and he’ll be the ultimate authority.

Great, the indoor season isn’t over, unload for 10-14 days finish the indoor season strong with 1-2 meets.

How are things going?