Carl Lewis should have won the 200 in 1988!

Look at the tape on 8:20. I think that Joe DeLoach was on the line during the turn, if so He should have been disqualified and the medal should have been given to Carl lewis. What do you think about this view? :rolleyes:

i hate carl lewis.

:slight_smile: however, he should have won…

same happened to carl in the 100m at the same games…wasnt DQ’ed

hes a mouth but has done alot for the sport and you cant deny that!

100m is a different event…you cannot shorten the course…

It’s okay. Carl paid off Baptiste (or blew him) to take the 200m gold in LA in 1984. So, you can call it “even”.

I do not think so… Maybe you were… :cool:

uuhmmmm…read the rules regarding the 100m!

You can throw another athlete OFF by entering his lane

ok guys… maybe you are right, but the thread was that he should have won the gold medal in 200m. And according to rules I am right :cool: I am a little bit sad that no one has respect to this great athleat. If he is whatever… He was great athlete, remember that.

too hard to really tell on that camera angle.
white shoes, white lines.
Plus, it’s not up to a Video referee unless an online judge or fellow competitor Calls it suspect. Since they didn’t, or if they did, He was cleared and Carl remains 2nd.

Asafa, 2006 Comm Games semi final:

rules are there to be broken but they must be enforced by referees


Either way, Carl was a slightly better 200m runner than Joe Deloch. Carl may have been slightly fatigued from four rounds of the 100 meters.

Here are the rules …

IAAF Rule 163.4
If an athlete either:
(i) runs outside his lane, and no material advantage is gained in the
straight, or
(ii) runs outside the outer line of his lane on the bend, with no
material advantage thereby being gained, and no other runner is
obstructed then he shall likewise not be disqualified.

Exactly :slight_smile:

Ok ok i made a mistake and im wrong :(:(.