Increasing your speed and power

Does any of this work

Set treadmill at 15% incline and max speed of 12.0mph. Run for 10sec, rest for 30, etc…

Sled pulls up to 60 yards (weights from 52-130lbs, including sled)

Uphill sprints on grass pulling a sled uphill.(hill about 25 yards long)

SLed pulls going into a heavy wind

It won’t really increase speed because all of the methods listed would be performed too slow. In general, any sled pulls should be lighter weight (~10% of bodyweight) so it doesn’t slow you down too much. I’m sure most other people on here will agree.

This work may have a place but I certainly wouldn’t do it and expect increases in maximum sprint speed.

Yea I agree that stuff will not increase MaxV. Maybe at strenght.

Myself personally, not a big fan of running on treadmills.

If I remember correctly u are a football player preparing for combines…so u want a faster 40 right?? Well, wats ur time now?? cus if u run a fast time as it is, it may not get much faster so ur focus probably would be better focused on other events.

But if u think ur 40 time needs work…break it down, find the week spot. Its a short race so strength plays a big factor.

what about running uphill with ankle weights?

while hill runs may be an effective tool, ankle weights are a poor one. and really nothing beats running on a track. hills can be used in the GPP phase, so as to still do speed work without the trama caused by track work

U might hurt urself.

thanks…can anyone recommend a good speed training program for the summer? I got 4 months to work with :slight_smile: i have a pretty good foundation due to vertical leap training i haven’t timed myself in a while but when i was in 10th grade my 100 meter dash was low 12s (that was about 3 years ago)…and my high jump was about 5’5"…i can jump much higher now…a lot higer prolly about about 12" higher than i used to no idea what my speed is…anyway i need a good speed program… :smiley: