increasing upperbody strength without weights

Yeah I don’t have easy access to weights right now or a pull-up bar,but I’m looking to increase my upperbody strength. My upperbody strength isn’t great. Besides different variations of psuh-ups what else can I do to strengthing my upperbody considering I don’t have access to weights. Also what type of volume or rests between sets should I be using for push-ups.Thanks

Try medicine ball throws.

The medicine ball I have is too light:(

there are some old school things you can do like use 5 gallon buckets of water and curl them or chop wood this incorporates many upper body muscle groups. when doing push-ups though I would go to complete failure which for me is about 60. this means you will be doing a sort of pyramid push-up workout of 4 - 5 sets

Anybody every try the pushup thing here: ?

You could do pullups on the doorway. Might be a little dangerous though. Also maybe handclap pushups.

Heavy pressups: large rucksac with desired amount of bags of sand for reps of less than 6 etc. (can fit more than 50kg in some) - can also place hands on bricks -rest as for heavy gym.

Upper body bodyweight exercises:

Decline push ups (feet on a bench/chair)
Handstand push ups (against wall)
Dips (bench/chair)
Single arm push ups
Various ab exercises
Various back raises on floor
Various isometric holds with elbows & feet being the only contact on the floor, in supine, prone & lateral positions.

Any others?


lift the table in your house… or your car…im sure you can find things around your house to lift!:stuck_out_tongue:

Check out Body by Fish as there are a couple of free bodyweight workouts on the site. Try them, they are challenging (and free).
Also, if you can get two 5 gallon buckets with handles, you can fill them with sand (start with half or 3/4 full). Take them down to the track. After you finish your speed workout, perform farmer’s walks around the track for distance/time