in season question

hey guys im starting my season for high school bsaketball so i cant train as much cuz i have to be 100% for games. i have games like 3-4 times a week. i wanna know if i should only do upper body and do lower body just a bit just to maintain my gains. im saying this because lower body is used more in ball and is more important thats why im asking if i shouldnt work it as much. should i not work on it all? wil the gains still stay if i keep playing ball (cuz im gonna be playing during our games) will the gains stay if i do that or should i just do lower body too? i was thinking doing a lot of upper body now since my season started and just a little lower body. i have no knowledge on this so can someone help me and give me some suggestions please

Recovery is important. How much playing time you get will be a factor. You’ll have to plan your weight training in relation to your games and practice schedule. An early morning (before school) or perhaps Sunday workout can be utilized. Maintaining muscle mass is a priority. Reps of 8-10 perioidized with 6-8 every 3-4 weeks. One workout for UB every 7 days and a LB workout once every 10 days will maintain your muscle mass and most of your strength. Give us more details and we can help more.