In-season Lifting

I’m entering my basketball season soon and i was wondering how much i should be lifting to keep my strength during the season. practices will be monday thru friday, and i was planning to lift on sat and rest sunday.

will lifting more than this wear me out or be overtraining?


You should be able to strength train twice per calendar week during the season with no ill effects on performance during practice or games.

Yeah, twice per week and 1-2 sets per exercise should be fine to MAINTAIN strength in season. Choose 2 sets for exercises that are of most value, 1 set for secondary lifts.

brad what was your out of season training sessions like? (3 or 4 days a week) What days will be your competition days? How much training experience do you have? The general recommendation that speedkills lists are excellent.

i just turned 15. i’ve been lifting weights for vert seriously for about 2 years. i’m still in my off season and am going to do some more evplosive lifts, plyos, ect… for about 7 weeks still before the season, and take a week off.
practices will be monday through friday. and my games will be probly once a week,mayeb twice, and maybe a couple of tournys.

Lifting weights for two years?
In my opinion thats a little to early with heavey weights. I would recomend curcuit-training until about 16 years old.

I would go with something like…

gpp: 3x15
in-season: 3x5-6

all done explosive…puus-ups, squat-jumps…

Good luck…

Brad there are a lot of ways you can attack this and they could all be effective. I have had some success with high school basketball players with the following. Day after the game lifting for no more than a half an hour performing Box jumps 1x10, Box squats 60/5,65/5,75/5,80/5 or bench squats (the latter being heavier), Bench 60/5,65/5,75/5,80/5, a rowing exercise(2x8), one set of leg curls or glute-hams 1x max, wrist rolls and forarms 2xmax, ab circuit. Rest interval are short (1-1.5 min)about 2-3 days later we do olympic combo lifts (power clean/squat jerk or power clean/hang clean/jerk or squat cleans followed by push press)at 60-75% of your maxium for 3 sets of 5(60-65), or 6x3 (70-75%), One set of pull ups and one set RDL or glute-hams, 1 min hang w/towel, Ab circuit. This lift takes less than 20 min. We like to spend at least one day in the pool doing running and light swimming to condition while at the same time taking the stress off of the joints and getting a mental break from the court.