in season lifting

this is in football season, lifting.

Wednesday: Bench 3x8, Fly 3x8, Curls 3x8, Calf Raise 3x12

Sunday: Box Squat 3x8, Calf Raise 3x12, Snatch Grip Deadlift 3x8

the reps are high i know but they are to build a base

is this ur hypertrophy stage?

Is this to maintain strength. I would do this.
Wednesday-Bench 2x6, curls 2x6-8, Snatch grip deads 2x5
Sunday-Military press 2x6, Squat 2x6, chins 2x8.
I am assuming since you are in season you just need to maintain strength. If you are trying to build strength I would do more sets. has a q&a on this topic you should check out