In & Out Flying 20!

“In & Outs” and “Flying 20s” are two tools in the coaches/athletes toolbox that allow an athlete to work on different aspects of their race.

Charlie reccomends the use of “Flying 20s” at submaximal speed to emphasis, for example, stepping-over the support knee. “In & Outs” allow the athlete to experience speed without effort.

Question: As there can be an overlap between the two drills in terms of cues used by the athlete to execute them properly (e.g. stepping over and/or arm down). Is there a need to do both?

Dlive -there is always devil in the detail though…

could you be more specific on when and why you would prescribe both “In & Outs” and “flying 20s” - why is it important to do both. How do you integrate these drills into other training components? :wink:

Yes. The cues can be somewhat similar, but they have their place. You can use cues such as fly/float if the athlete becomes confused.