In my new weightlifting program i have to do for school

They have us doing 3x6 sets at the same weight without changing the weight(I was told it was going to be based on our max) and after we do all 3 sets we put half the weight of our max on and do it until we can not do it anymore and we do 4 excercises the hang clean, bench press, squat, and deadlift and we have to do this 2 times a week for 6 weeks

Can anyone give me any idea if this is going to help my sprinting or be harmful?

can anyone tell me?i need to know fast so i know whether to get off it or not


Its tough to say. The lifts are good. Just really focus on form when doing all of these. Are you sure that this is what you will always be doing?

For the next six weeks on mondays and wednesdays yes

Are you running at all? Why is he not haveing you do any pull downs or latt work?

Yes i run on my on after school and we do that on fridays on tuesdays and thursdays we do conditioning/plyometrics

Thats good. I think you need to add some latt work. Pull downs, low row. etc… I dont think the program will hurt you, just remember to focus on form and not weight. Let us know how you are feeling and the results.

I think you should see if you can sub in lat work for deads or add that in or not do the program. I also wouldn’t do the last set to complete failure or do hang cleans anywhere near failure (and probably not above 5 reps either).

ok i’ll just do 5 instead of failure and if i do this lifting(i’ve been lifting since june on a 4x6 plan) and keep running(8x30 meters on mondays and wednesdays and 4x200 on tuesdays and thursdays)and stretch all the time and work on my technique everyday can i get my goal for this year?

Only time will tell. Dont be so worried about your goals. Take one day at a time and do the best you can.

First off, you will need more variety in your routine (try rotating exercises every 3 weeks if possible) and more sets to lock the strength and power gains in your nervous system. What’s your rest interval like? And pull downs are only for people who can’t do pull-ups.

Those lifts are all fine. The weights are a purely supplemental to the track work which must take focus. I would look at a seperate strength endurance day in your micro. Something involving bodyweight circuits etc. (pullups, pushups, running arms, tows etc)