improving quickness

What exercises should one do to increase quickness?
I am 160 pounds i consider myself very quick but I want to get quicker I box squats 300 and benches 295, deadlifts 425.
Will increasing my strength lead to more exposiveness or should I do some plyometrics(which i nver done befre)

How old are you and is it for track or football or etc?
To get quicker you have to sprint, with proper recovery in between each one. And when you feel like your slowing down (this might not be very long) you need to stop.
Read around the forum theres a lot of the best info you will find, right here.

yes i do run sprints, ususally in the 20 to 40 yard range and i go all out
you mean you stop the workout completely if you are slowing down?

Well not the whole workout, but the best way to get faster is to run faster.
Sounds like you are on the right track though unless you be a little bit more specific.

What are the demands of your sport?

Quickness drills should be done with complete recovery and you should stop when you start getting slower.

I’d honestly buy the “Training for speed” ebook on this site… It costs pretty much nothing (like 15 bucks or something) and it will answer pretty much any question you have related to improving speed.