Improving bench reps for combine

I might be participating in a combine in May. I would like to dramatically improve my bench reps. I max out at about 330 pounds. Do you guys know of a proven routine to improve reps at 225? I probably won’t participate in the combine if I can’t put it up 20 times.

hmm ur max is the same as Quik’s, but you cant max rep what he can? Well heres what I’d do, I’d keep up with push ups on recovery days to up general work capacity, and continue to focus on limit strength and at the end of my bench workouts, take as wide a grip as theyll allow and nearly rep out, leave 1 to 2 in the whole, doing that for a couple of sets with small rest periods.

what is limit strength? And leaving 1 to 2 in the whole?

He’s saying don’t push to absolute failure to keep the reps clean. Limit strength is maximal strength so numba56 is saying work on moving your max up and 225 reps will be easier and easier.

Workout out with a knowledgeable bench presser who will critique your form. Hammer your triceps. What is your bodyweight. Get some bands and chains. Any injuries? If you are near Columbus, Ohio go see Louie. If it is the biggest day in your life, Go For It. Watch the Defranco Tape for combine prep info.

Well, I understand now, thank you. Yeah I only powerlift now. No reps higher than 6. I am getting stronger and stronger. I weighed in today at 250 pounds, at around 17% BF now. I should have no problem with being recruited this year, but I think the exposure won’t hurt. I also might play this season and go to combine again next year if I am not happy with my offers. Since I can only go D-2 now, I should have no problem with the offers, just trying to get the best situation possible.

Which combines are you going to participate in?

Juco combine in Cali. The Nor Cal location.