Improving 30m

There was another thread about SLJ’s correlation with long jumps, but this is is about accelerations. Ok, from what i found out in the previous thread, it seems most people agree on SLJ having a correlation with 30m acceleration. I did a trial and here’s what i got:

SLJ: 9’ 6"
30m: 4.31s

To me, it seems like my 30m didn;t match up to my SLJ at all, my body weight is 155lb and 9-10%bf. Furthermore, i also did a triple jump (1 stride) and recorded my best at 28’ 6"What do you guys think is impeding me in my acceleration?

Are you mainly a jumper, Oni?

hows ur squat and clean?

No, i still do 200/400m.

power clean: 145lb
squat: 275lb

i would work on the squat and clean and keep working on ur acc mech…

They dont match up. I can go faster than 4.3 and I jump a few inches less than you. Hard to say what the problem is. Did you have a good gpp? Is there a video of you doing a 30? Hows ur flexiblity?

That’s what i thought too, they don’t really match up. As for flexibility, i would say so and so and i did a lot of core and SE workout for GPP.

Mortac said this to me in my journal. I hope it helps.
BTW my SLJ is about 8 feet and im about 4.4s for the 30m
A lot depends on the surface you ran the 30 on, how it was timed etc.

I’ve gotten great results from stairs, hills, medball accels and working on form/flexibility.
next thing im gonna try is a weights sled.
i’ll keep you posted on how im doing

This post is not directed at anyone in particular.

I’ve had this article from the first day it came out years ago and its a great refrence. I would be careful with the testing charts, you might be disapointed. For example, they have a chart with some timed runs. Lets look at the 30m timed runs on the chart. At the top they have a HT from first movement 3.58=10 low. TOTAL BS. Now, go to CTFS and look at Angela Issajenko’s training diary. You’ll see that she PB’s @ 3.3 for 30M in 1986. Her best that year was 11 low. So the chart is a good reference but dont rely too much on the test.

Look, if your times are slow, you need to work on some things (we all know what they are) . The answers are right here. With the BEST speed guy in the world telling us his ideas FOR FREE!!! We just need to work hard and be relentless about reaching our goals.

Sorry for the rant!!!

i havent even read that pdf.
im slow and i know it. i dont need some calculation to help me figure that out…
Just said id post what mortac said to me!

My post was not directed at anyone. I’m just speaking from my own experience and I wouldn’t want someone to be fooled like I was into thinking that chart means something.

Ahh speed. Its so god damned elusive. Its like being best friends with a really hot chick…

Ah but the charts do mean something. Interpret it like this.
60m - 60m from blocks= human error(HE)
30m from blocks FAT - HE = Frank Dick’s 30m from blocks time

So you run 4.09 to 30m from blocks FAT (timing gates or video camera analysis).

3.90= gives 6.89-6.83 and 10.73 to 10.80

ANYTHING based on hand times is gonna be off. Charlie gives a very generous cushion between his hand times and an official time (~.6). No way Angella was running anywhere near 3.3 FAT to 30m (in a meet). Probably more like 4.1-4.2.

I will agree that any hand time from blocks based on Frank Dick’s chart is gonna be WAY off. If you only have access to hand-timing in training, I’d say you’d have to use the flying 30 column to get the most accurate prediction.

So true

Try supplementing your squats with leg extensions for a while (I DON@T MEAN GIVE UP SQUATS). Work on pushing your bench press numbers up, work also on shoulder complex strength. When you do 30m drills, concentrate on upper body movement and upper body only. You may also want to do more SLJ or jumping upwards onto boxes at a height that is challenging.

I have been successful in increasing the acc of a youngster I train by using speed squats alternately with CF methods. They can be done either to parallel or partially. Load a 20kg bar with a weight that is relatively light (a 200kg athlete may start with a weight of 60kg). Rep out 5. Note the time achieved, add 1 sec on top, thats your limit. Increase the weight in increments of 5-10 kg. 2-3 minutes recovery. Stop when you pass the time limit. This will also aid in improving your 30m time. Another point to be mindful of is the fact that larger muscle mass in SPECIFIC areas will really aid your 30m time. So… do not be afraid to use body building techniques from time to time to increase muscle mass of quads and glutes…please do not go overboard. Remember that bodybuilding training has its disadvantages so alternate regularly with speed squats and max strength. Do box drills and ankling drills. I am sure that you will not agree with all my methods but I hope it is a catalyst for you. Also make sure you take care of your back (erectors and lats, med ball and back raises).

thanks guys this has all been great, ill make sure ill include all of those in my workout next time. i may have been too caught up with developing my hamstring strength that i totally neglected my quadriceps. time to read that pdf file