Improving 1st 5 steps of Start

Hey all,

Just finished our domestic season, and am having 4-6 weeks off before ploughing into my quest for some professional sprinting titles in 05-06.
To aid in answering questions, I am 30, 6’ 1", racing at 84kg, pb’s of 10.7 100m, 21.7 200m, however, I race mainly in professional races off staggered handicapped starts on grass. I willl be posting my program thoughout the season for any critique that you may have.
Basically, top speed is good, but acceleration needs work, mainly 1st steps out of the block; 2 through 5. Reaction is ok. Without seeing me start, do you think that this is a strength issue, a technique problem, or a cadence issue? Being taller, I know I’m not going to explode out like Ben, and my limb length from hip to ankle is very long (approx. 42").
I can put up a vid of me starting at a latter stage if needed, but if any of you have any advice with starting drills etc, they would be greatly appreciated.

Any advice guys?

Linford Christie is 6 3’ and he was a good starter, so was Leroy Burrell at 6 0’.

Hi dirtyo…
I guess my start is slow too,
just to compare,
my average time for 1st-10 steps out of the blocks is around 2.66s
Ben´s 1st-10 steps Seoul around 2.1s
Mo´s 1st-10 steps Rome 2000 around 2.2s
But we also have to consider the cover distance by 10 firsteps.
What is your time ? You could check in video.

ok dirty, for me it’s this simple, when in the blocks or in 3 point stance I measure my start based on my eye distance to the floor, when you’re at an exit angle, you should see the floor fairly close for the first 3-5 steps as you slowly rise, this depends on your strength and cadence and doesn’t happen until both are in sync. (at least for me).

Undoubltedly though Charlie has a better suggestion from his vast experience

you obvious need to work on your explosive power. plyometric drills and explosive weight training are the key areas to be focussing on