Improves ligament and tendon strength

Hi, I have a couple of questions about ligament and tendon strength training. It seems that muscular strength generally has the potential to increase more rapidly than ligament and tendon strength. I’ve read somewhere that the old time strongmen used to do heavy supports to build ligament and tendon strength. Taking this approach to its logical extension, isometrics would be a great method since the heaviest weight is one you cannot move.

Have you come across any solid research on how to build ligament and tendon strength?

How would you design a program that specifically improves ligament and tendon strength?

Use the programs in from this man and you have the best program out there for building ligament and tendon strength.

I had a greater improvement if I introduced in my workout some unusual, non-specific exercises, which were stimulating my whole physiological system.

Hmm… sounds like Javorek would be a definate proponent of the hauling-bails-of-hay-shoveling-chicken0shit-framing-and-carpentry strength program which was invented in the year 5000BC by egyptians, er I mean by my demented step dad :frowning:

wut is the scientific basis for doing step arobic type movements to increase athletic abliity.

Who said anything about step aerobics?

I have personally done this program and I guarantee you it is one of the best and safest ways to build ligament and tendon strength and muscle strength at an equal pace. You won’t injured on this program and he even has this Antomical Adaptation program for sprinters. :eek:

P.S. It is also an invaluable method of training if you are just coming off an injury.

IS GOOD???Here’s my list for my 43 year old body:

  1. Glucosamine Chondrotin MSM blend
  2. 28 Grams of Flax ED
  3. Ibuprofen before chest work outs
  4. Celebrex 200 MG a day, ED for 7
    days when inflammation flares
  5. Once a month deep tissue massage
  6. Once a month Chiro adjustment
  7. Deads once a month, rack pulls
    other weeks.
  8. Knee wraps for squats.

Problem areas:

L and R AC Joints - Cortisone Injects
done in each.
L Elbow

When I have a problem I lower weight and super set.