improper muscle balance, or bad form?

what tightness/weakness creates a position like this in the blocks. I would speculate obliques?

here are the problems in red

this is the athletes “natural position”" in blocks

Possibly quadratus lumborum, or tightness in the hip abductors/lateral quads/piriformis(?). It’s guess-timating until you can see them in action (dynamically). Have you ever tried a functional movement screen? Simple to perform and assess, takes about 10-15 minutes. Visit

thanks daniel good insight, tight piriformus is an issue. That functional site is good , athlete has trouble with deep squat so Im guessing poor hip mobility as well

Yes, I would look at pelvis shifting (laterally and/or posteriorly). Good luck with corrections.

Yes a tight piriformus will inhibit knee bend on squat. Also take a look at the lower back extensors if squating is a problem (powerful but short). Might need to move that front block back a touch till mobility resolved.