Our city track meet was moved indoors since the track here is being rebuilt.

a 17 year old senior ran his 60m final in 6.91 and 200m final in 21.6

how impressive are these times compared to other sprinters out there

2nd place in the 60m final was 7.27 and 2nd place in the 200m final was 23.2

It is good, we have a sprinter here in california who has run 10.52 and 21.08 outdoors.

looks good to me considering he was obviously unpushed

Looks very good for indoor times :slight_smile:


Blazing. Especially for a 17 year old. A 6.91 is most likely a sub 10.60 100.

I’d say that would be very good, however, there are sprinters in my area (So-Cal) that could top those times or have similar ones. For example…

200m - All Times Outdoor FAT

Lionel Larry (Dominguez) - 20.73
Derrick Jones (Long Beach Poly) - 20.97
Love (Lancaster) - 21.32
Rodney Glass (Sherman Oaks ND) - 21.49
Williams (Esperanza) - 21.52
Lee (Cathedral City) - 21.62
Woods (Los Alamitos) - 21.66

And then theres that phenom Walter Dix in Coral Springs, FL (I think) who ran a 10.28 FAT in the 100m or something in that area. Crazy…

yea. 10.28 and 20.52 i believe.

question, is this good, my friend has no muscle on him, awful start and form, never goes to practice, basically just sits around, but he took second in regionals with a near fall in 11.02FAT, what do you guys think he could go to…? I say with training we could see 10.6-.7 maybe better?

I think with a good training program you could expect times of 10.6 or 10.7 if he stays committed.

Another thing I forgot to mention is that Rodney Glass is only a sophomore and hes already running 21.49. We had a dual meet against him and he just smoked all our sprinters in both the 100m and 200m, and he still got two more years left before he goes to college!

Mister C, too bad about Lionel Larry pulling his hamstring. My guy in the norcal who will be giving Derrick Jones a run for his money is Carl Crawford, a kid from my high school, he has run 10.52 (10.34 wind aided) and 21.08. Are you coming up to the state meet?

I wish, this has been a really bad year for me. I came into year trying to with high expectations trying to switch from sprints to hurdles, but a back injury just destroyed everything I had planned. I was out for 2 months:(

Maybe next year though…

What grade are you in? Keep working hard man, you’ll get there, getting to the state meet in California is a huge feat. Do your thing.

I’m only a soph this year, so I still have two more years left to make my mark. Good luck to your boy up at states.