Iliotibial tract tightness

What is the best way to combat Iliotibial tract / Tensor fasciae latae tightness? i.e. stretches ect.

bump for clemson :clap:

you can stretch the crap out of it, but at this point, its probably to late for that. ill spare you the stretching lecture.

it will take some real real nasty work in that hip and down the band if you want it to recover. and just becuase it doesnt hurt when you run, doesnt mean its “better” (read that 100%), it only means it is past the point of imflaming. keep getting therapy (in therapy/recovery mode) until your therapist gives to the thumbs up to go into maintence mode.

i had the same problem when i was still doing triathlons and to clear it up, the thearpy (done by rolfer david davis in colorado) literally brought me to tears…but it worked.

I had some work done on my ITB once too - and, yes, there were nearly tears. The only time I was brought closer to tears was when I’ve had deep work on my calves :o