If you have a Ferrari, you don´t plough fields with it !

regarding volume of work to develop capacity to generate a high work output in a short time ( power ).
You used an example in CFTS: 20x200m in 28s Vs 2x200m in 19.8s.
So, may i extend this example to my person too, i mean,
2x200m in 26s ( PB 25.82s ) could be better than 20x200m in 37s (70%).

Careful of interpretation. 7 to 10 x 200 in 37 or slower might be useful for you as a tempo session, though your speed session might be 2 x 200 in 26 for now. It is more likely that, at your level, you’d benefit from shorter sprint work, with the main emphasis on tempo endurance and general fitness.

Well, this is exactly what i´m doing for now.
( Tempo 6 x 200m at 70% once a week,
Speed Session 4 each 20m E + 20m F + 20m E & 20 F + 20m E + 20m F once a week,
2x200m in 26s once a week ).

Tks Charlie.