If you are forced to miss a tempo session what are good alternatives?

I won’t be able to perform tempo today

(It is pissing rain outside and everything is soaked)

I have a stationary bike in my house would a warmup on the bike, stretching, MACH drills and then another session on the bike mimicing tempo be of any use for recovery? I do speed again on Thursday and core work tomorrow night.

Thanks guys,

Sounds like a plan. Keep alternating rapidly between exercises. (This is always a good idea where changes are required to minimize the possibility of stiffness.)

tempo on the bike could be an idea under the circumstances.you could do 20sec fast,30sec slow.this will regulate your heart rate to a sufficent level.could you get to a pool,get your hands on a aqua-belt and do your tempo there.

Thanks guys!

Try to find the “tempo design” thread from the old forum posted by Clemson. I’ll try to link tomorrow.
And I think that sounds like a good idea.

hey guys, just an update. Completed the workout.

Did 10 minutes easy on the bike for a warmup.

Did stretching and A’s and B’s plus another 3 minutes on the bike followed by some light dynamic stretching.

Then I started my “tempo” session.

I would cycle at about 70% of max speed for 17 seconds and then lower the resistance and pedal for 30 seconds and repeat four times.
that was one set.

I performed this 4 times and then did further stretching. I definitely feel better than when I started but tomorrow will tell the tale :slight_smile:

cheers and thanks,