If it ends up snowing....am I screwed?

I am most likely unable to get a ride to the track 1.5 miles away, and I am currently riding my bike there with my stuff.

Currently, it is getting pretty cold. On Monday I tried sprinting in 31 degrees Farenheight(www.weather.com said it felt like 21 degrees F), and needless to say I chose the wrong apparel(i actually tried shorts and T-shirt).

Anyways, this leads me on to the main points I need aid in. Since there is no snow, I still have a good possibility of sprinting, and thus I need crucial advice on the clothing I should wear. I know it seems like common sense, but I’d like some tips on this anyways

The second question I have, which is the spark that led me to posting this, is how will I sprint if it snows? Most likely the snow will harden and form a slippery layer, so even if i shoveled I dont know how well I’d do.


Where some tights and eat some more before you go since you’ll be burning more calories from the cold. After each run, put on some extra sweats and get out of the wind if possible. Try shoveling, this should help significantly. You can also sprint indoors with a basketball court, hallways, or even the long walkways in a mall (be careful with this, you don’t want to “track” some old grandma). If you can’t do this, you may have to adjust what you’re doing. Adding more plyos/med ball work in addition to weights can help with this.

LOL, sprinting in the mall, I’ve never heard that one before.

I’m pretty sure you would be kicked out for sprinting in the mall, and not to mention you would get a lot of stares from just about everyone there.

I’ve never done it personally, at least, not for training. I’ve seen some “power walkers” in there though. I’m sure you’ll get some stares but who cares lol.

Thanks for the outside sprinting help, but I’ve been thinking seriously and hard about sprinting indoors.

Where else could I sprint indoors? You mentioned hallways, but where? I asked the assistant principal about sprinting in a hallway and he said I needed the supervision of a track coach…and the track coaches are at the other school in my district.

I wonder if I could strike a deal with the elementary school…

Any ideas?

Obviously the schools are a great idea, whereever you can go. Parking garages aren’t that bad of a choice (not optimal, but not bad). Your school probably has a basketball court, and you could try that.

Well does your city have a park and rec system? If they do then they should have indoor basketball courts (they have 4 where I live) where you could probably go do your workouts. Also, the bottom level of a parking garage (already mentioned) wouldnt be a bad idea as long as you dont do it for that long cuz the pavement is pretty hard.

Davan: I’ll see what I can do about the school thing. I doubt I can sprint on the basketball court because its basketball season now. any thoughts?

Parking garage…dont think there are any near me.

Mister C- nah, I dont think there is any. That would be good though. =/

Well it snowed…and it was 15 degrees F all today. How the hell am I gonna sprint well now?

And how the hell can I convince my school to let me sprint inside a hallway?

Look, I hate to say it but its not the end of the world if you cant sprint for a day. Try and find stuff that you CAN control that you can do inside to give you a good workout. Weights, bodyweight circuits, jump rope, treadmill, stationary bike, or plyometrics could all be useful. Just a little advice.

Heh, naw man. I’m sick anyways, and I was peaking for a deadlift max too :frowning:

Thanks though. I’ll find a way through this.

Guys, what kind of med-ball/ bodyweight circuit work would you do for GPP indoors?

Is it okay to do CrossFit-style circuits ? Would CrossFit-style circuits (high reps of medball throws and bodyweight cals along with running and ergometer rowing, for periods of more than five but less than twenty minutes nonstop) cause undesirable fast-slow twitch conversion and thus have a detrimental effect on speed?

Thanks, all,

Ross Hunt