If I run a 1.7 10 meter what do you predict my 40 meter dash would be?

4.6? around there?

There could be so many predictions based on how you run and were timed. Why don’t you just run the 40 cause there’s no way you could predict a time from just 10 meters.

I have pretty big doubts you’d run a 4.6 40 meter dash or a 1.7 10 meter. Carl Lewis ran a 4.59 (not including reaction time) with blocks, competition, track, and spikes in the 1987 world championships. Ben Johnson ran a 4.54 and 1.71.

oops I meant 40 yard :smiley:

I also seriously doubt you have or will run 1.7 seconds for 10m

YARDS :mad:

I still doubt it. The fastest and best started ever ran 1.71 for 10 meters (little less than 11 yards) with blocks, spikes, hard track, biggest race of his life, 2x6x600lbs on squat, etc. It is just really unlikely. If you were to run this though, I’d say you could probably run 4.3’s at the most, probably faster.

The average skill position player at the combine is running in the low to mid 1.5s for a 10-yard dash. That’s electronic but on first movement, no reaction time. A few guys are in the 1.4s. Xlr8 I believe ran in the 1.4s with his timing device over 10 yards.

However, like they said it doesn’t tell you a lot. From what I see here, (the official times), most guys running in the 1.7s for 10 yards are 4.65 or slower over 40 yards.

oh ok thanks alot… my start isnt as polished as other and I lack explosiveness so I can definately do 1.6 sometime soon.

We’re at 1.6 for ten for a 4.63 forty…but that’s taken off digital video…hand time would be faster.

Until they get electronic start and finish for all combine events the times are practically meaningless…the guys can make you run what they want you to run…couple tenths here…couple tenths there…it’s a joke…same with electronic vertical jump…some bend their legs on landing some don’t…etc etc.

If you use the same timing device (i.e. handtimeD), I would guess 4.82

4.8, yeah right, lol

The clouds part, and need4speed is illuminated by the very glorious rays of heaven. From that part in the clouds reaches down a great and mighty hand and using the tree-trunk thick index finger it gouges in the ground the following words: “You ain’t that fast brotha”…

No, I’m just kidding, of course. I couldn’t resist :stuck_out_tongue: Just curious, when you ask for people’s opinions why do you laugh when they say them? 4.8 really isn’t slow, it’s pretty danm fast. Not elite, or anything, but football players aren’t really renowned for their speed either.

im black and skinny with low body fat, I was always one of the fastest kids in the playground growing up, a 4.8 for me is terrible.

You would be surprised how hard it is to run a legit 4.8 in high school. For instance a running back around here gained over 2000 yards this past season. He claimed a 4.29, but ran an electronic 4.71? How can that be?!?!?!

Hand-times and electronic are two different things.

I was hand-timed at 4.21 for the 40y with average times of 4.28-4.31, so what would my electronic time be? 4.37 like Neon Deon “Primetime Sanders”?

Im not really sure, I heard rumors of people running sub 4’s.

I think at Ben’s top speed, he actually just about achieved an electronic 3.0 40yd dash.

And then there was this one time at running camp, I fell down a hill, but they had little flag marker things every 10 yards for the climbers… and some guy had me at 2.9 for my 40yd. :smiley:

(Man am I glad I didn’t really fall off the trails at running camp… I can’t imagine falling DOWN a mountain, anyone every been to Echo Lake? Upwind of Tahoe a bit.)