Identifying talented athletes- especially for coaches\CF

Hey guys, I just finished reading charlies book, CFTS.
He was talking about how he spotted Ben at only 14 years of age and exposed him to cutting edge training methods
Well, i’m 18.5 now, and i’ve been a basketball player all my life, and I still ball at a high level. but I really like sprinting too, and I been thinking if I could somehow be GOOD at it with proper coaching. because I really think I “have what it takes”
About the ball, I’m not doing anything this year because of army and other stuff (im not from the usa) So i have a free year from organized ball, I can sprint in the track team though.

The only problem is, i’m “old”.

So to recap
im 18.5
6’2" 210lbs 12BF
I squat 400 on a box
Deadlift the same
about POWER, i know I have jumped 42" off the run before, i really love dunking and cruise with the Israel AND1 mixtape team.

Some pictures of body structure

So tell me the truth, is it too late for me to get good at it ? like actually winning big events (theoetically, i know we can’t predict anything)
Charlie what is your experience with those who entered the sport late ?

I guess I just need that basic motivation, to know that i’m not waisting my time here. in basketball u can start at 20 and if ur good u can be something. but thatts pure athletics. I really dont know.

Thanks ahead fellas.

Linford Christie and Donovan Bailey both did great and entered the sport much later than 18 and a half. Late is 20+… not 18 and a half.

Old? What the…
Its a nice excuse if you dont make the grade.

Davan, thanks, that’s not the first time u help me :slight_smile:

Other guy : common :slight_smile: I meant old for a sprinter entering the sport and really want to do something with it :slight_smile: it’s good to hear that you think i’m good tho, really… makes me feel ready to go :slight_smile:

actually, i know what you mean. still, Old? perhaps if you are a female swimmer or gymnast!
Have a look at the stats on how old elite level sprinters are, you get the odd freak who runs fantastic by 19, buy you still get others that dont start winning till late 20’s. Majority of sprinters seem to peak mid 20’s.
So, Old at 18…?

your never too late to run fast within reason.younger athletes have proven to be more acceptable to new movements but anyone can learn with practice.for motivation i would join a team,practice with them and take it from there.there are great programmes available on this site to help you with designing for yourself if you want to train the cf way but at the end of the day its up to YOU about how fast YOU can go…motivation,dedication,etc etc

With the 360-degree movement patterning required even for basic basketball, much less the level you’re at, plus the vast plyometric base, plus all the 28m (full court length) acceleration and repetition of same you may have the perfect general preparation for sprinting.

The rest is just technical which you can get from a half-decent coach and plenty of repetition extending out to a length appropriate to the distance(s) you want to race.

1980 Moscow Olympic 100m champion Allan Wells of Scotland was a virtually unknown long jumper who specialised in sprints from age 26.

Christie also started training for sprints in his mid-20s and he also won Olympic 100m gold in Barcelona 92.

I would recommend you get Charlie’s training DVDs and his training manual and study some actual race video footage (get biomechanics studies if possible) of some Olympic 100m finals etc and compare what you see with what you read and it will be easy for you to understand.

Wow that is some motivating info man.
Yea, I guess anything by Charlie is a must, i’ll get the stuf asap. By the way, what is a good 30m standing start no spikes time ? (for someone who never sprinted proeprly before…)

who knows, plus that will be done hand held = not relaible.
Start with the GPP, dont worry about timing stuff untill at least that is done.

Mate donovan bailey didnt start proper sprint training till he was 25. 18.5 is a good age to start as you have allready developed into an adult and you are now ready to train like a mo fo yea. I wish I was still 18.

no way man! But i wish when i was 18 i was living in a capital city and had axcess to this web site or even better, a great coach that had axcess to this site.