Ideal progression in strength from November till June

Weight room prs atm btw these are 1 repetition maxes

Hang Clean:135

Heres what i hope to be doing by june

Hang Clean: 225

Combining strength training and aerobic training will hinder your strength goals due to adverse neural changes and the alterations of muscle proteins in the fibers. It should not effect your running though.

What kind of program are you on now?

None since i’m only in highschool but i’m going plyos tues and thurs and weights mon wed fri till first semester is over

I would not work plyo’s too hard. I don’t have my clients do them untill they are advanced enough ( at least 12-18 months of serious training).

What kind of ply’s are you doing? ( hops, box drops ec…)

Unless your juicing it is very unlikely you will achieve your goal.

Way to ruin the guy’s goal. It isn’t impossible. Difficult but not impossible.

If i don’t get em i won’t worry to much as long as i’m getting stronger.

Its great that you have goals for your athletics. I always tell my high school athletes to set very obatianable goals and then over achieve. Just a thought you can maybe take.