ice massage

I have had some mild achilles tendon pain and my calf muscle is propably slowest to recover from different muscle groups. Well anyway I have done ice massage three times a day on my off days and two times on training days, one after training and one before going to sleep. At first I did the massage directly on sight of pain(inside ankle) and didn`t feel much of a difference but then I started doing the massage to the whole calf muscle and the recover of the muscle has been pretty amazing, plus the achilles tendon feels much better too.

anybody else tried this kind of massage? I like it cause you can do it yourself(atleast on calf muscle)and it doesnt cost a penny!:clap:

I love ice massages, I use 'em on my shins constantly.

I will do this on the hamstring that’s been bothering me after speed work tomorrow and report back on the results. Thanks for the tip.

Re: Ice on tendons
I’m slow to use ice directly on the achilles tendon unless the inflamation is extreme. I believe (only from experience) it is far more effective to use ice on muscles connected to the tendon rather than the tendon itself as circulation is poor in tendons at the best of times and ice would only reduce circulation even further - which to me makes little sense unless - as I said above - in cases of extreme inflamation.

Thats the feeling I got from it when I first massaget directly over tendon, but cladly after couple of times I started massaging the supporting muscle in this case the calf muscle and it felt much better.:slight_smile:

I’m sure Clemson or someone else with more experience or scientific knowledge in this area can explain the aplication of ice to muscle vs tendon sites