Ice/Cold Water Bath before races

I ice bath regularly and find it makes my legs feel fresher and not so drained. I work all day then race and was wondering if there were any side effects or adverse reactions to having a ice bath or cold water bath for say 20 minutes about 2 hours before my race to take the day on my feet out of my legs. What else could i do to freshen them up?

Any advice would be great

I would keep the ice baths for post race. It seems to me that you would have experienced tightness after doing this. What are your experiences?

maybe its a personal preferance, but after a 20 min ice bath, there is no way i could run a race 2 hrs, 3 or 4 later.

not to say it could nt be done.

i would like to heat my motor neurons as good as possible before the race, so i wouldnt ice bath before,
im all for it afterward.