Ice/Cold baths

Do you normally throw a tonne of ice in your cold baths or is just cold water fine?

And also, do you have a warm shower afterwards?

for ice bath = water temp. 50-62 degrees F…at least 15 min, 20 is probably best

no hot shower, always finish cold

My ice bath last week was 44 Degrees F!!
Is there anything wrong with that and does anyone have any references to what temp is best and how long?

This is Clemson’s article on the issue. He recommends 50-60degree temps.

yeah, 44 degrees is probably not good…remember, your muscles are filled with water and i believe at very low temps crystalization of water molecules can occer. as you know, when water freezes it expands and then cell damage occurs. 50-62 degrees is a good temp frame and 20 minutes is probably your best bet. I know Clemson has some more detailed guidelines.

What temp is cold tap water at? I don’t have a thermometer…

Not less than 4 degrees celcius! It feels like its lower than freezing but its not; however, you have to remember that water is a liquid and will be colder to the skin than cold air.

Quick Tip:
Purchase cheap thermometer at Pet Store (for Fish Tanks). Handy for the bath :eek:

references to temps/durations anyone?


I’m wondering why it would be bad to have a warm shower afterwards, maybe something like this:

Ice bath 15 min
Warm shower 5 min
Cold shower 30 secs (the finish cold principle)

Because immediately after an ice bath I feel like garabage, all chattering and freezing cold. It takes atleast 1 hour to get my circulation back up to par. Wouldn’t it be best to get the circulation going and flood your legs with new blood as soon as you’re done with the ice bath? Just a thought…

I tried this the other day and I felt alot better afterwards, but the who knows how well it worked from a recovery standpoint.