IAAF Golden League series question

We know about the “golden” jackpot in the IAAF Golden League series, but what about the IAAF Grand Prix, IAAF Grand Prix II, and IAAF Super Grand Prix series?

Are there any major differences other than prestige, prize money, and point’s accumulation?

From Nicolas Macrozonaris website, he will be competing next in:

June 1 – THALES FBK-Games GP I Hengelo (NED)

June 6 – Primo Nebiolo Mem. GP II Turin (ITA)

June 12 – Golden Spike Super GP Ostrava (CZE)

I see the photo of your new born fjlee!

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Kenny Mac~~~

This could be the only meets where he have been invited to.

Plus it’s still early!

With a 10.04 and defeated the WR holder he should have more meets that’s where the $$$ is at.

I guess we shall see in about 3 months.

Take care

Kenny Mac~~~

fjlee congrats with the baby.well done:D

Hey - congrats and best wishes to your and yours fjlee,


Thanks for the well wishes, everyone.

Just for fun, maybe this little creature can do the 100m-200m-400m triple-gold in 2024? Remember Susan Anton in Goldengirl? 12 rounds of races in 6 days?

In the Masters circuit, this is a common triple (not necessarily gold in all 3) but usually there are only 3 rounds, plus it’s spread out more (I think).