I need to improve my start

i feel i have the worst start in the world i run an 11.6 but people running 13’s have better starts than me(i get beat by girls out of the blocks)Can anyone give me any tips on improving my start?

How about you tell us what you do in your starts.

Also check the archives, I can remember some stuff on starts previously

I think too much.

well on set i hold my breath and raise my hips and on the gun i go out as fast and as low as i can

try some reaction drills where you run against someone else, my coach had me do that this year against someone faster off the start then me seeing as I too have a weak start, but basically just do drills like starting on your stomach, someone claps and you get up into a starting position and go or just plain practice your starts, you’ll probably find it easier going against someone else as I said

I found the 2 thigns that improved my start the most where reaction drills and GET STRONGER IN THE GYM! getting stronger in the gym was key not just legs but whole body. sqauts cleans, bench etc.

Hes Right. Get Stronger By Hiiting The Weights. Spend More Time On The Platform And The Squat Rack Esp The Front Squat Because They Hit More Quad. The Start Is All Quads And Glutes.

I don’t think for a start a front sqaut is going to be much better then a full backsqaut, in a fullbakc sqaut u hit glutes quads and get a really good hamstring in it. Since my backsqaut has goneup a shitload my start as gotten way better, powerclean to. But like I said overall body strenght helps to arms shoulders etc, u can’t just hit one specific area it all helps.

In the set position. Think about arms and arms only. The arm of your lead leg should be driven back and then driven forwards. The arm of your back leg should be driven forwards to eye level and then driven down and back. You should not be aware of your legs just your arms. By doing this action your back leg will reflex causing you to drive off both legs rather than just the lead leg. Concentrate on arm drive and nothing else as you accelerate.

It will feel strange at first but eventually you will realise that your back leg reacting to your arm movement in the set position. This should give you a better start eventually. If you work on upper body strength this is where you will reap the benefits, you will feel your arms piston in the initial acceleration.

Make sure that your hips are nice and high and “in front” of your front foot when you’re in the set position. This will ensure that you “push” off with your quads when the gun sounds, rather than “pull” with your hamstrings - which would be the case if your hips were behind or above your front foot. This is important because the quads can supply much more power than what the hamstring can, and hence a faster start should result.

Do explosive movements, such as AMT jumps. Getting out from the block is mostly explosive power.

Yeah but the explosive power won’t come until your body strenght gets up there. I use to always think my start sucked cause of mechanics and such. Then i hit the weight room extensively and now i see how much of an improvement weights gives u

Well ya, considering you have the adequate amount of strength to perform explosive exercises.