I need help with a 100m program for the next 2 weeks...

Region finals just finished yesterday, I won the 100m and ran anchor for our region champion 4x100 team.

By winning my region, I qualified for the state meet which is the 14th and 15th of May. So I have around 2 weeks to prepare. I need some suggestions on what my program should look like with regards to sprint training, weight lifting, and nutrition if possible, preparing to peak for next friday.

What were your times? What is your current program?


I ran a 10.72 in the prelims, 10.84 in the finals into a headwind. Our 4x100 broke the school record with a 42.01.

My current program has basically gone to hell because of the hectic schedule I’ve been on, but I generally try to do something like the following.

Monday - Speed Endurance
Tues - Tempo
Wed - Speed
Thurs - Tempo
Friday - Sticks/Starts

I haven’t lifted in about three weeks because of our meet schedule.

everything looks good to me :slight_smile:

Can you break down your current workouts a little more?


14th and 15th meaning trials and finals? I would say you need to concentrate on more speed and rest, and cut out the speed endurance. I think the week leading up to state should look like this
tu-sticks(you get speed work from this, similar to flying 30’s) starts(you are getting more speed work
wed-few light tempo runs, concentrate on polishing form
thur-warm up, good stretch, treatment
fri-run and make finals
sat-surprise some people