i need help.. last 30 meters of my 100

I had a meet this past friday. I broke down bad the last 30 meters of my race. My start and middle part of my race were outrageous, but areound the 70 meter mark my knees dropped and i started to tie up. I have never had this problem until this year. What kind of workouts do you all suggest I start doing to work on the last phase of my race. I am going to start running more 300’s . any suggestions?

Flying 60’s, flying 80’s, 2-3x150’s, or 2-3x300m should take care of your problem.

Are you working short -> Long? If so what kind of speed endurance workouts are you currently doing?

well for the past 2 weeks i have probably hit the track a total of 5 times. My speed endurance days consist of 60’s 100’s and an occasional 120. I think i need to start running some 300s on my spec endurance days

Sounds like you need to be more relaxed for the first part of your race. Are you trying to speed up after 70m? Perhaps just do your best to keep the cadence you reach at 65m and stay relaxed for the rest of the race.

Do you have a coach or are you coaching yourself?

Yea thats sounds about like me. I was trying to hit another gear after 70 but it was not there. I am all alone. i have no partner or anything all solo.

Herb is right saying you should relax in the first part of the race. In any race over 60m, there’s an energy distribution issue.

Running 300m isn’t the best for improving the last 30m of your 100m, there will only be an indirect incidence as you’re a 100m runner. That may prepare you for specific endurance cessions, runs between 60m and 150m, flying or not, prefatigue or not, with speed variations or not; Be careful to not run a too high volume and too short rest, that’s a specific work. Take care to abdos and inward thigh muscules as you said your knees drop (a good test is checking feet position on the ground at the end of the race, if they are turned outward, you should work you inward thigh muscules.).

thx i didnt know that