I hurt my back

The last few weeks my back has been very tight. I have had a few massages but did not emphasize it enough and it finally snapped. I now have a lot of low back pain and can’t stand it. I just fiished my season on saturday and can now rest/fix myself. I have another massage for tonight.

My question is should I see a doctor or get massages(It feels like the muscles are all in spasm)? I have been icing it and taking Ibuprofen every day. Stretching it is almost impossible right now since if I move the wrong way I get muscle spasms that make me cring in my right side of my back. Overall the whole low back area feels tight. Also what should I look out for so as to not reinjure it in the mean time?

First priority is to be healthy, but you will have a hard time getting healthy IF you don´t know what you have and how to treat it. So the first step is to get an assessment of your injury and then go from there. I personally would not **** around with a back injury. Get it looked at!

Good luck!

i would see a respectable therapist first and forget about the doctor unless you need a prescription for something.go see the therapist,explain everything and get treatment.the main thing i would be focussing on would be lessening the harm already done so see a therapist asap.don’t stretch if it hurts

My therapists says I pulled my quadratiis laborum (I am not sure how to spell it). Anyone had something like this happen to them.


I have been dealing with the same problem for about 4 yrs now…and have had MRI’s and Xrays to find the problem…no luck as of yet…and getting another MRI in oct. I had a therapist tell me that my multifidus may be weak… i found a book on it…basically to help strengthen the core and to keep it strong. You can order the book from barnes and noble…

also, those industrial back supports help a great bit…and i also put a weight belt over it when i am lifting and playing other sports…

  1. Physiotherapist. (sort out ya muscles/massage)

2)A) Any thing that involves your back.

B) Chiropracter. (will look at your idiosyncracies, your posture, spine
excess tension on certain sides/areas of body, why it happend in the first place. How to get rid of the problem likely happening in the future.)