I got my EMS unit! Questions....

You can tape down the pads (though lookout if they come loose!) and you can use straps with permanent pads but the sticky pads are such a blessing as a time-saver, I can’t imagine going back!

I have to laugh Xlr8 when I read your post - sounds similar to the instructions one might write for an electric chair …


Think of the time Texas could save with sticky pads!
OK! Sorry. Never mind!

ok, if new sticky pads are more convenient, which I can understand, then once you run out of sticky pads (leads) do you have to purchase the same pads?? or can you buy 3rd party pads as long as they fit?? If the latter, then how do you go about finding them?


You can use third party pads (and you can adopt sticky pads to stims that come with regular pads. I know 3M makes pads and I’m sure there are others. They can be ordered through medical supply stores or pharmacies. Anyone able to add some info on suppliers??

There are a bunch of good deal on electrodes on ebay. So what companies are good and which are crap? Also does it matter if they are round or square?

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Also does it matter if they are round or square?

Yes the round ones provide more of a sine wave stimulation that is appropriate for slow twitch fibers while the square ones provide a pulsed square wave which hits the fast twitch fibers.

Actually, I’m just messing with you…it doesn’t matter :slight_smile:

You had me going there!

Today i used it on my lower back for the first. i was able to tolerate the maximum my unit was able to go up to.

Charlie in traning for speed you said you should be laying down when doing this. i found this hard to do laying on my stomach and i felt better sitting up leaning foward a bit and when the contraction started holding my breath to try and contract the area. Is that ok to do it that way?

Also in “Training for Speed” you said “EMS electrode placement on lower core (back and stomach) is such that bilateral strength imbalances are corrected (ie. if right side of back is weaker -only that side will be stimulated)”
Can you explain?

And my last question is… when using EMS for max strength is it necessary to put it in pulse mode for each muscle being stimulated to warm up befofe doing max contractions?

1: That’s fine.
2: I would stick to bi-lateral stim and leave any balance correction to an expert- it’s unlikely you’d have an imbalance sufficient to present a problem anyway.
3: Once you’re warm enough to start the max strength anywhere, it’s fine to go straight in with max stim everywhere else.

i just did my abs.

I again followed the pad placement diagram in “Training for speed”.
I put 2 of the pads on the bottom 2 part of my “six pack” and the other 2 pads on my 2 part of my “six pack”. is this correct? Did the middle 2 part get stimulated since these muscles are connected or 2 the ones with the pads get stimulated more?
How should this be done?

You should be able to feel the contraction throughout. Did you use a crossover pattern? (top left to bottom right and top right to bottom left) How intense was the contraction? Was it well above anything you could manage yourself?

yes i used a crossover pattern… and the contraction was verryyy intense it kinda made my abs like “shift” up a bit if you know what im saying. I felt it throughout my whole six pack but more on the pads that were being stimulated.

I remember you mentioning something about this before but just to clairify. Is it possible to injure muscle by tunring the machine up too high?


I’ve been meaning to ask this for a while but anyways…

When using EMS for 2 weeks at a time, it seems that the contraction in my glutes gets weaker every session. I can crank up the amplitude to full blast and doesn’t create a bite leather contraction. Fooling with pad placement doesn’t help either.

This does not happen to any of my other muscle groups.

Anyone have experience with something like this?

Maybe I got too much “junk in my trunk” and the current can’t pass through :frowning: