I got my EMS unit! Questions....

Today i recieved my unit in the mail. Since the book tell pretty much nuthing i will hope you guys can help me with my questions…

First as far as pad placement goes. I saw the dirgrams in CFTS BUT should 1 pad form channel 1 be diagnol to channel 2 etc? You want them to cross? Also i remember hearing osmething about the negative being on the large part of the muscle… well how do you know which is negative?

For the modes… i got 3 modes…

Synchronous-the pulses of channel 1 and 2 are srychronous. While cannel 1 is activated Channel 2 will be activated simultaneously. The The pulses active and inactive duration is controlled by on time and off time.
In this mode on time value shiould be set for more than ramp up plus value down. For example if you set a ramp up for 2 secs. On time should be sets for more than 4 seconds.

Continuous-Both channel 1 and 2 are continuous pulses under adjustable pulse rate. The functions on time off time and ramp cannot be sets. (is this like pulse mode??? just another name for it???)

Alternative-The pulses of channel 1 and 2 are alternative. When Channel 1 is activate channel 2 will be inactivate and vise versa. In this mode on time should be set for more than ramp up plus ramp down value. Off time should be set for more than on time value.

Also what should i set the pulse rate and pulse width at?
the rate goes up to 120 and width goes up to 300. What do these do?

please help!

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yea that was pretty kool…

ok i figured out this much…

Continuous is the same as pulse mode and Syncronous is the strength mode.
Now i need to know about pule rate and pulse width in both modes. What they should be set at and why. And pad plcement… crossing or no???

pm me your email address, i tried writing you back but your inbox is full.

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If you have 2 channels, stim two muscles (ie both hams at once with 2 pads on each [not crossing]) Check if the stim is Mono-phasic or Bi-phasic. If mono the poles wont change and you should have the neg lead on the biggest bulk of muscle (top) as the contraction is slightly stronger there. If the machine doesn’t say anything, it may well be Bi-phasic (pos and neg alternate) , in which case placement is the same either way. With split leads, giving 4 pads per channel- cross over, ie top right to bottom left and vice verse. Ask the manufacturer about recommendations re width, but keep the rate around 80 to start and see how the contractions go. Contract isometrically with the stim as it starts up and make sure the juice is sufficient to carry the contraction beyond your voluntary capacity. You can check for more info in the new E-book. Keep us posted.

its dual channel.
you said i can stim both hams with 2 pads each? Is that only in the continous mode (which i plan on using as means for recovery/massage) or can i do that for using it ot build strength too? If i used 2 pads each muscle where should i place the pads. For example if i was doing both quads would i place the pads in the middle of my quads one lateral and one medial? or in the middle of the muscle and have the pads superior/inferior to eachother? How about the other mucles?

And you said start at 80 for the pulse rate. Is that in continous mode and in strength building mode? What exacly should the continous mode (im assuming this is the same as pulse mode) feel like? The lower i go on the rate the slower it gets kinda like a heart beat. Should i feel it doing that at all or should it just feel continous?

Also when i adjust the width it pretty much raises hte intensity. It goes form 50 -300 i knwo you said i shoiuld contact the manufactuerer but in the meantime do you knwo anything about this?

thank you in advance.

You can use 2 pads for strength building as well (you may need to go to a larger pad for better coverage- I don’t know what you’ve got now) I’d use 80 for the strength building and you can pulse at a much lower rate. As for width, take it out to a number that gives you the highest contraction you can tolerate. Again, there’s more info on the protocols for both an individual session, including warm up and cool down in the new E-book, or, if money’s tight, scan the old forum till you find what you need.

thanx Charlie,
i got the new e-book as well as “Training for Speed”.
For now the only other things i need to know is if i am using 2 pads per muscle how should i place them? In the middle of the muscle with one pad medial and one pad lateral or superior and inferior to eachother?

Also what should pulse mode feel like? Should it feel like a fast heatbeat or should there be no pause at all?

You can use varying pulse speeds from slower to faster, depending on its effect on you (personal preference. As for pad placement, I’ve provided a few diagrams, which you’ve no doubt seen, but you’ll have to experiment a little to find the ideal individualized placement. If your unit has sufficient power, you might want to move to a split lead system, which will give you 4 pads per muscle group, in which case you can use a crossover pad setup (top left to bottom right and top right to bottom left)

When using EMS for max strength should you flex your muscle as the machine is making it contract?

And when using it for recovery should i be albe to notice the difference between pulses/relax?

what do you guys set the pulse rate at for recovery? mine goes up to 120/

When using Max EMS you should contract the muscle as the contraction starts and the EMS should lift the contraction above what you could geneerate by yourself.
The recovery pulse rate is individual but obviouslymust be below tetany (when the muscle can’t relax between pulses) this will occur around 18 pps. Prob between 8 and 12 will work.

Thank you very much! Answered my questions perfectly!

How often should pads be replaced and how do you know when its time to replace them?

I assume you have sticky pads. If so- you’ll know when they lose their stick, though sometimes you can extend the life by heating the pads a little (around 120 to 130d F for a few minutes)

yea sticky pads. When they stop getting sticky does that affect the electric currents effectiveness?

The pads need to be in full contact with the skin or else the current can “arc” and create a burning sensation. The sticky stuff just holds it there.

Can you not tape it down onto leg?

I have the reusable carbon pads and some velcro straps to hold them in place. This works best if you use some water to get the pads a bit damp before you put them on to help with conduction.