I got a bad habit will it affect my sprinting?

when i’m sitting my legs bounce is there anyway it can affect my sprinting in a positive or negative way?

I do the same thing quite often. It’s just nervous energy, fidgeting. You’re not dying!

Its a good thing to have that much nervous energy and be a sprinter. Charlie talks about that in his book.

yes, id like to kno, r u a wired person? agressive in nature?

I would say I am. My legs constanly shake, even right before i go to sleep, and then i just konk out into deep sleep.
Lifting anything over six reps and i just makes me feel tired. I usually grow muscle with low low reps and heavy weights.

But its weird i am aggressive when it comes to sports, but am not angry or violent just emotional. I played with athletes though that used football as an excuse to hit and hurt people. Not my game though.

Whats about you Numba. From your posts and lifts it looks like you may be wired yourself?

I guess most of we for here are high nervous “sprinters”,
legs bounce,
gnaw nails, etc…
Try to look Jason Gardners face ( eyes ) while he is running,
now, that could be a problem,
he has the “habit” of blink all the time, but he still fast as he is.

Yeh, I have bad agression and temper problems, I was that young kid who punched holes in walls, threw stuff, got in fights in elementry school, i remember two instances which stick out the most. I was in first grade and some 6th grader was making fun of me. I broke my lunchbox over his head and was trying to hit him haha, also got in a fight that year with a 6th grader down the street. When I was five my dad made me mad, so I told him I had to tell him a secret, broke his nose. Im pretty wired…