I did it this time

I received a cortisone injection for my knee… IS It suppossed to still be sore 5 days later. The first four days were very painful but I used 800mg of aleive and the swelling went down. The fifth day the pain is not as bad. But why would it be sore still. I have heard soreness only lasts for 3 days. Should I worry. Is this just a flare up or should I be worried. I would like to hear from anyone who has had experience with cortisone. What do I do if cortisone doesnt work. Could the use of other things…Ill just call them other things such as vit c ect ect be used to block cortisol levels and restore my knee. Any help would be appreciated.

Much of the success of cortisone injections lies in the skill of the practitioner. The amount and placement of the substance has a lot to do with the amount of damage done by the injection itself. What’s done is done. Now you have to stay off and wait to see how it settles down- at least 10 days from the sounds of it.

Hey Tim great to see you finally got the injection. By the way, are you in Virginia right now?

Charlie is right… make sure the person giving the injection is skilled! Ask any mother who’s had an epidural (good or bad experience). Any stories out there?

The whole concept of someone trying to inject cortisone into something they can’t see, (but are trying to estimate the location of relevant to the location of bones in your body), is a very risky procedure.

Many people qualified to do such procedures won’t do them simply because of the risk factor.

It is so true what Charlie says - ‘the success of cortisone injections lies in the skill of the practitioner’

Ok my inflammation has been reduced. It is almost cleared up completly. I believe the black and red was do to bruising caused by either excessive cortisone in the injection itself or by a patella strap tied to tightly unround my knee. Or maybe even to the fact of an unskilled practioner. Whatever it was it was causing bruise marks. It could have even been the fact that a blood vessel or vein was hit. It has been three weeks since I recieved the shot but every week it seems to be improving. I will be out for a totol of a month which to is not uncommon. Finally some good signs. Also there is an excellent article on tmag about tendontis and how to overcome it and thats all I will say. Thanks for your help forumn.

Tim I’m just curious how you messed up your knee in the first place?

Tendonitis caused from starts, falling starts and full-squats.


Your welcome every have this problem?

No, If I do squats I only do them full and it never bothers my knees,and sometimes I do falling starts but they never seem to bother my knees at all. I did have knee pain for awhile that bothered me at the knee and the back of the hamstring near the knee but its gone. I started doing tempo on grass and strecthing more and the knee pain magically went away. I like doing yoga stuff to help heal my body. Also your knees could be weakened by those exercises because of your body structure and idyosicnracies(i hope i spelled that right) I would definetly not do those exercises if they mess you up but you have already come to that conclusion i imagine.

Also if your knee starts to bother you at all stop the workout session.

Agreed I will do this next time. Very good point.
Here is a link which is in active here but can be open which has very good info.


cool:cool:good info but my knees fine for now, I’m hoping that I never get to the point where i need to get injections.