I can't squat what should I do

Right now my right thigh (IT band) is giving me problems. It is very sore which is affecting my squat. I can not squat heavy. It does not affect my sprint training however. What should I do to try to maintain my max strength level.

  1. 20 yd sprint with sled
  2. Hill sprints
  3. depth jumps
  4. multiple jump series

Can you do any other excercise e.g deadlift, clean or are you confined to just strength work outsie the gym?

I can power clean.

Get some soft tissue work done on the IT band. Training around it is not the solution. Drop the weights if you have to and increase the other high intensity work if you’re able (sprints, med ball, etc.), but make sure you address the tissue problem as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the ITB does not repsond well to stretching, you really need to get massage work done on it.