Hulking up-need some advice

I want to put on some muscle for the indoor season. Im planning on using the summer to get some quality wieght and make strength gains. Right now Im doing max speed, hills and wieghts tues thurs and sat. Im seeing some good gains on speed and mobility. On Mon wed and Fri I do some sort of cardio (tempo, mountain biking, very general stuff)

My wieghts are on tues thurs and sat

Power clean (blocks) 50% 60% 75% 3x5r
Clean pull (floor) 50% 60% 75% 3x5r
SLDL 40% 50% 60% 3x5r
Eccentric hamstring work (could use some ideas here)


Squat 55% 60% 75% 3x5r
Squat/push Press 50% 60% 3x5r
Lunges/ Barbell 40% 2x5r 45 3x5r

Are normal Body building exercises needed?

For food…

im eating about ~125+ g of protien ~300g carbs and not sure about the fat so im guessing about ~50-100 depending on how starving i feel. Im not tired or lacking in energy either. Im 5’9" 175 33 in waist (kinda soft :slight_smile: ) . My only supplements are ZMA, Designer Protien and multi vitamins (I will be giving the clemson cocktail a try soon!!)

If anyone has any suggestions HOLLA BACK!


The indoor Football season? cause you don’t want much more mass/bulk/hulk/whatever for track. More protein. Check out the “phd regeneration” article on for when to eat and why.


HAHA No! The I.B.B.T.A.F indoor body building track season (dont ya know?)

I went on the link you posted. That was pretty damn in depth. Exactly what I was looking for. I like the fact that the nutrition schemes have a progression. Healthy to Fitness to Performance to Elite. I guess right now I’m headed towards the Performance. I will definetly use some of that info!


Does anyone think my selection of exersices is OK?

FYI this is a my GPP wieght routine.

I like the exercises but the intensities are pretty low nothing over 75%? For experienced athletes as a rule of thumb 80% is considered a threshold to where gains start from and 85% for elite athletes. Olympic lifts are fast movements and light weights don’t stimulate gains like in grind lifts eg. deadlift.

my 2 cents