Huge Sickness problem, help?

Well as it is, for the past 15 weeks I’ve gotten a sore throat/virus around 12 times!!!

Its getting ridiculus, I dont know what to do. This problem screwed up the end of my track season and is now messing up my winter training.

I have seen the doctor many times, been treated with antibiotics, seen sports doctor etc…

They all say just sleep well, dont train too much, good nutrition and I will be fine…and I do this but I keep getting sick!

If anyone can provide any insight to this problem, it would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks :o

What kind of antibiotics are you taking? If you take too much, your immune system goes for s#@$. How much are you washing your hands?
How is your digestion? How is your diet? Lastly, how often do you train and for how long?

I have exactly the same problem. I wish I had a remedy. No idea what’s going on.
I had no cold for more than 1 1/2 years.

I eat all kinds of vitamins from fruits and anti-oxidant caps, 500mg VitC + Mag combo. Nothing helps. Stopped supplements for a few weeks - no difference.

One week on antibiotcs, felt great - one week later the symptoms returned.

Season cancelled (plan was to concentrate on 400 for 2006 - forget it!) as I reduced training to almost zero with weights only and a little Accel work (like 6x30m) over the last 6-8 weeks.

Ond day I feel better, take my bicycle, ride it to the nearby hills, do sg. like 5x30m Hills - next morning I have a headache and my voice sounds like Barry White.

I am very frustrated, in February I delivered big PBs in Squat, Bench (+20%) and 25m Accel, was fitter than ever before after doing big amounts of tempo during winter/ GPP.

No tempo, no SE, next to no sprint traing possible for weeks - I guess if I’d break down with pneumonia or sg. :wink:

I could sleep 12 hours a day. Tired all the time.

I even consider trying one of these Chinese alternative medicine things.

Obviously the same virus/bacteria is going around here in EUR and 20000 km away in your country (NZL?).

Fuck globalization! :wink:

Try eating yogurt and kefir. Might help your immune system, especially after being on anitbiotics.

Try getting some beneficial bacteria back into your system. Anti-biotics unfortunately dont differentiate between good and bad, they just destroy all bacteria! Echinacea might help too. Best to go with the liquid if you decide to try it.

I’m not sure if you guys get this where you are but liquid Bio-K is unreal for replacing good bacteria.

If you guys are tired all the time, " I could sleep 12 hours a day. Tired all the time. " Then you need to look at your workload because that’s a lot of sleep unless you’re a 4 year old.

Check for Herpes virus family/EBV, with blood analysis, generally a cycle of acyclovir is a solution.

Wow, thank you for the response.

Plook: My diet is superb, The antibiotics were ciliciane.

I wash my hands around 5-6x a day. At the end of my 100m season, I was training 3-4times a week when I was fit enough to.

Now I’m trying for 5 times a week (probably too much so I will lower this, a lot of people have said my training age is too low to do this anyways)

AUT: Wow it seems we are exactly alike!!! It’s absolute BS :mad: !!! What annoys me the most is that I have had all sorts of blood tests and none come up with anying curable disease that I have contracted!

amirok: Interesting, I have just read up on this and do have some of the symptoms (apart from no fever). However how can you contract it? Just from kissing?

The rest: Thanks for your help/tips will do!

Herpes virus can be asymptomatic, without fever or skin rushes…but you can be sore in troath, be tired, have low immune system, problems with cellular permeability and altered nervous signal and poor nerve regeneration.
Check your submandibular glands, and if you have pain probably you can have an infection and can be herpes, but check this with a doctor (i’m not a doctor).
Some doctor speak about stomach disorder when you have herpes, because the virus can weak stomach muscle.
Generally we have a silent herpes virus in our body, and sometimes he come back from its sleep and give us some problems.