HSL:Human Speed Limit

What’s the human speed limit(100 metres)?

Mine’s about 10kph about now!
Seriously, there have been endless discussions about this and they’ve been pretty pointless, other than to compare events to each other.

Cmon CF. Im sure u have something left in those “old bones”!!!

It’s not what’s in them- it’s what’s on them! Besides, I sure that, at altitude, 11 or even 12 KPH is still possible!

Do I hear a comeback? :smiley:

A few less beers and coffee and some of Clemson’s cocktails and you’ll be good to go!

Lots of coffee- no beers.

I read an article once on Human Speed Potential and it’s predicted that in 2025 the fastest human will be able to run the 100 meter in 9.54 seconds or something like that, all they gave was times for the 100, no mph or anything else

I remember that article, but the method was simply to calculate it from the yearly progression over the last 100 years. Purely statistical.

Remy Krochemny talked about 9.65 and Dwain Chambers said he would make that real. Dwains prediction was discussed on this board some time ago:


In a way every human is unique - so why should there be one limit for all?
They will never make it in 1 second, neither in two - but who can tell you the limit?

The guy in THE ANIMATRIX runs really really fast. It is all true!