HS Short Sprinter's Training Journal

Things sound like they’re going well atm Jordan!

When you sprint from the push up position - i presume this is from the top? Do you push up then start sprinting like in one smooth motion?


Yes I do it from the top position of a pushup. I also do it from the bottom occasionally, that is what the i mean when i write 2x20m Flat.

When I do them, i pause at the top of a push up and just go. Everything will just happen you don’t need to think about it. Just a warning the first few times you might almost fall on your face if you try them, which I would recommend (the trying part not the falling on your face part). The reason for them is after a few steps your body can’t help but be in proper sprint position with good body angles, so its a learning drill but you also speed work at the same time.

Thursday August 20

Conditioning Circuit 1x

MB Throws
4x OHB
4x Squat Throws
4x 1 Hop
4x 1 Hop OHB

Military Press 3x6
Density Chin Ups 6x6
Weight Circuit 2x10
abs- 300 reps

Friday August 21

4x20m Push Up
4x30m 3pt

5 Bound 6x

Cleans 2x2x, 4x1
Squat 5x3
RDL 2x8
abs- 200reps

Saturday August 22


Sunday August 23


Week 10 - Unload + Testing
Monday August 24

2x30m Stand
2x20m Fly/ 30m accel
2x20m Fly/ 40m accel

Weights + Plyos
CLEAN TEST - 180 (+20)
SLJ TEST - 2.43m (+2 cm)
Squat 3x3
Reverse Hyper 2x12
abs- 200 reps

Today was the first day of my this testing week and i am happy with the results thus far. Going into this workout i was feeling very sluggish and tired and hadn’t eaten much all day so I was surprised by the results. I was very happy with the Clean results and the by the time i got to the SLJ i must have been fatigued. I didn’t realize it at the time but once i got to squats the weights felt so much heavier than they usually do but i really cant complain because even if it was only by 2 cm…at least it was an improvement.

Tuesday August 25

MB Throws
3x OHB
3x Squat Throws
3x 1 Hop
3x 1 Hop OHB

3 x (10",20",30")

BB Incline Press 3x6
Weight Circuit 1x12
abs- 300 reps

Wednesday August 26

2x20m Stand
3x40m EFE

Weights + Plyos
SQUAT TEST - 300 (+50)
STJ TEST - 6.93m (+7 cm)
Cleans 3x2x75%
ABS- 200 reps

Strength is increasing like crazy… jumps not so much :frowning:

what have you been doing for the squats?

what do you mean?

Thursday August 27

23’ Treadmill Walk

DB Military Press 3x6
Density Chin Ups 4x7
abs- 200 reps

Friday August 28


6x30m TEST

6x Running VJ

Clean 2x3x75%
Squat 2x3
abs- 200 reps

This 30m test wasn’t exactly 30m but its pretty close but i have done it before and video timed so I wasn’t really looking at the times but rather the improvement. The most recent time i had was almost exactly a year ago. Based on these videos i was .25 seconds faster than my old self. So this GPP has been very successful. I wish i did a video timed 30m at the beginning of this GPP for a better comparison but i didn’t so this is what i had to work with. I believe that almost all if not more of the .25 second improvement was from these past 10 weeks, since for the 6ish months before i was on a tempo program and i can almost guarantee my acceleration did not get better, it probably got worse. So right now I’m very happy with the improvement. I was bored so I used Kinovea (free video software which I would recommend) and synchronized the videos and by the end of the 30m I was about 2m ahead which was nice to see, so I am very excited for this upcoming season.

Also for anyone that is wondering my running Vertical is about 30" I think

Saturday August 29

“The Circuit” 2x

Weight Circuit 2x10
abs- 300reps

Sunday August 30


Week 1
Monday August 31

4x20m 3pt
2x3x40m EFE

5 Bounds 2x3

Clean Pull 4x2
Clean 5x1
Squat 6X3
RDL 2x8

MB Throws
5x OHB

abs- 200 reps

You need to decrease that squat vol, you are in spp now. Remember you can’t take Mike strength training volume and try to apply it to CF sprint program.

Thanks for the advice.

I am only lifting 2 times a week vs the 3 i was in GPP so i thought i could up the volume since the weekly total would be less but this work out took so long to complete that I will gladly reduce the volume and was actually going to do that after i realized that i don’t have enough time to do this everyday.

What do you mean Mike Strength Training Volume?

And what would you recommend? something closer to 4x3 or 3x3ish?

Mike Young and DP normally back squat once a week and each session normally ave 5-6 sets of squat. Also Mike Young sprint vol is much lower then CF… I would stick to something like.

Squat Twice per week.
5, 5, 5
5, 4, 4
4, 4, 3
3x5 Sub Max
4, 4, 3
4, 3, 3

Tuesday September 1


  • = 10 Push Ups + 20 Crunches + 1.5’ Rest

Bench Press 4x4
Shoulder Press 2x8
Pull Up 2x8
abs- 300 reps