HS coach needs advice on listed program!

How does anyone everyone feel about mixing up NM days and Ext. days? Meaning doing your SE work and then going into the weight room and doing some activities like light cleans and bench press? I am at an impasse on several issues and am looking for some advice. My current thoughts are this.

Mon (NM) - Accel dev. 10,20,30 's etc. and lifting (cleans, squats, some reverse hypers, glute hams etc.

Tues (Gen) - general short weight circuit 2-3 sets of 10 bodybuilding exercises mostly not more than 6-8 lifts with weights light to mod. Abs and some light jogging

Wed (EXT) SE - Special endurance stuff…mostly between 80 and 150m. Lifting vertimax, bench press and a strength complex.

Thurs (Gen) - light drills, hurdle mob, abs

Fri (NM) - longer stuff 40-60m and then lift (cleans, light squats etc…similiar to Monday)

On Mon and Fri would cut some of the sprint work for some jumpers who would be doing some small volume work in short bounding (standing LJ, TJ etc. on mon and more longer stuff on fri (out to 20 meters or so)

These are high school kids who are pretty talented and could be pretty good collegiate track athletes with a couple of them possibly a bigger DI school Freshman girl hurdler ran 15.5 with no clue and soph TJ at 36’ in pretty much her first year. Couple 300 H kids and a couple 200/400 types.

Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


everything you posted looks great to be honest. wish more high school coaches would realize thats the way it should be done. The only comment i have is you may want to add a little bit of tempo on the recovery days since athletes at that level may benifit from the general endurance (fitness) and building work capacity from the tempo stuff.

I was gonna type the exact same thing QUIK. Looks great to me.