HR during tempo

Does anyone take their heart rate during tempo sessions? If anyone does, what sort of heart rate do you get up to at the most? Anyone’s figures welcome.

Also just out of curiosity does anyone know what sort of figure Ben’s lowest Resting/Waking heart rate at or around his fittest?

i used ot take my hear rate during tempo. Ive gotten up to 180 and even 220 before. However my resting is high. I think its around 66.Well that was right now and i had 2 high intensity workouts today less than 4 hours ago. It usually around 60 anyhow.

The following is an example of typical tempo runs from one of our athletes:

The red line represents HR.

"The following is an example of typical tempo runs from one of our athletes:

The red line represents HR."

What does the blue line represent?
How is the tempo run done, and how is it measured(method & frequency)? I would have expected peaks and troughs during typical tempo as in CFTS

(1) The blue (y1) line represents velocity (MPH) of the run.

(2) We use the Fitsense system that monitors HR, stride rate, distance covered and caloric burn during the run. These tempo runs were performed on a grassy/dirt trail loop, with slight slopes, that equated to 633y.

(3) The previous post was from tempos done during SPP. The following was performed during GPP:

No doubt CF’s work is closer to the model.

220 BPM is pretty tough, I don’t think I ever get anywhere near that except when suddenly introduced to non-stop lactic acid training after weeks of near inactivity (as rugby coaches love to do). That made me dizzy and I felt like puking. I don’t know how you got so high during tempo.

Normally tempo my heart rate starts pretty low, it only gets up high towards the last 2 or 3 reps when its ~180.

220 is pretty high, but then i know a friend, who after doing a 60m effort at full speed, can get his heart rate up that high. Whereas mine would be lucky to hit around 120 or 140. It just depends on how large and thick your heart is and how many blood vessels you have or dont have going through your body.
My tempo heart rate would generally be around 160 with only the last two around 180, maybe.