Hows this for a 200m Workout

(September – November)

2x300 @ 80%
4x150m @ 90%

200m run then 200m jog (no recovery?) at 70% for 3 laps
[10 minutes recovery?]
50m run 50m jog for 4 laps

Wednesday- [90%]
3xFlying 50m
2x 100m Ins and Outs

2x200m @ 80%
50m run 50m jog for 4 laps

Friday- [90%]

Saturday- [80%]

Sunday- Rest

All work needs to be done at 95% or higher for you to make improvements in speed. All endurance work should be around 65%. Why do you think this is?

Oni, you are new, welcome. Herb is impatient with your post likely because it shows how impatient YOU were in writing this post. You showed your impatience because you asked board members to respond to a post that was written with absolutely no research done by you in the vast archives of this forum. You can’t read for more than an hour on this site without quickly realizing that Charlie’s whole philosophy is that work should always be either above 95% or below 70%.

 And no, you don't have to buy his books to know these things, it's all here for free.  My personal opinion is you'd have to be insane not to spend 16 bucks for "Training For Speed", as it will save you hundreds of hours of grief, injury, and less than optimal results over the coming years, but I digress...[16 fu**ing dollars! Bargain of the century!]

 Anyway,  when you post a workout like that [flawed in it's most basic form] you risk losing the respect of the people who can help you because they feel that you need to help yourself out a little bit first, and then they can help you clean up the details. Respectfully, Johnny

Sorry if i had offended you guys in anway but i DID read through forums and i DID purchased the eBook. I’m just very bad in reading and learning so it takes time for me to learn w/o actual people explaning it to me,.

Yeah, I figured you were just new. I’m fairly new myself, but this site is the most incredible source of athletic and training information I have ever seen, and some good laughs too.

What I do before I post is I search the archives under my prospective topic, and if I can’t find a relevant discussion I take a chance and post! People are very helpful if you follow that protocol. Don’t stop asking questions, it’s what makes this forum great. Best of luck.

Thank you JOhnny

Perhaps in future you will be more patient. Oni asked for a critique of his programme, yet every one has just jumped on his back for asking a simple question. Why is this?

Herb, explain why you should only perform work over 95% and bellow 75%. After 2 years of reading these forums, I’m yet to see a satisfactory answer.

Oni, when do you intend on competing? What is your current back ground?

To me, the satisfactory answer why 75-95% work is to be avoided has been stated often, and it makes perfect sense: It is intense enough to require recovery processes [and perhaps impair recovery from real speed work], yet not intense enough to actually make you faster.

And I agree with you Dazed, questions of all sorts are good. I guess the reality is that if the question appears a little more thought out to the rest of the forum, your odds increase on getting that query answered properly. Cheers, Johnny

Competition starts during march for high school track and field.

I’m currently a junior,
PR from last year is 24.2 for 200m and 55 for 400m.

Does it? It has been stated often, but it has never been explained. I can think of numerous athletes that work in this speed range who are not injury prone and are quite successful in events from 100m to 400m. So I’m at a loss as to why this speed range would not make you faster …

This is the time to start the development. Get a solid GPP/fall under your belt and you’ll be surprised as to how much you will progress later on, and how much easier it will be. Have a read of the forum and tell me what you think. According to Charlie Ben pushed out to 600m for tempo runs in the off season, and I know guys like Bernard do too, and their short sprint specialists … just something to chew on.

yes, extensive Tempo and GPP should be used. Oni, I have a question, are you a 200 and 400 guy?

might i suggest what I have made as GPP template, I think 6-8 weeks would be appropriate on this.

Day 1

  1. GPP Circuits(ie. 20 push ups, 20 bodyweight squats, rest 20 sec, repeat for desired time, and do as many sets as you want, you could also use med balls)
  2. Weighted Movements(ie dips, pull ups, gymnastic movements, weight the movements if you have to, this is to qualify as your strength training)
  3. Abs(again, number of reps to start out with is individual, one should build up to id say at least 1000?)

Day 2

  1. Tempo(this number would grow as you get in better shape, starting point is individual. I dont know if tempo would differ for a longer distance race, i suppose it would though. Focus should be technique)
  2. Upper body lifts(ie thing for triceps, shoulder, and back, ie tate presses, different shoulder raises, and bent over rows for 2-3x6. this is just an example, you can use different exercises)
  3. Abs(i would say easier than day 1, 500 reps?)

Day 3

  1. Lighter Tempo(maybe half of what you did on day 2?)
  2. Abs(500 reps?)

Day 4

  1. GPP Circuits(Same idea as day 1)
  2. Weighted Movements(same kind of thing as day 1)
  3. Abs(1000 reps?)

Day 5

  1. Tempo(again, like day 2)
  2. Lower Body Lifts(like day 2, but now for hamstrings)
  3. Abs(500 reps?)

Day 6-off or tempo(if you do it, itd b like day 3, half of what you did the previous day)

Day 7 off

I think this would be good to get you into shape to do real speed training you need to be successful.

You may want to turn down this answer, but really I believe you have to attack workouts with intensity to develop the quality. You need to run fast for your body to need to adapt in a manner that it will run faster. And then to run under 75%, because that is that middle area, really too intense on a muscle and nervous system. I think you cant have a medium intensity, either high or low, fast or slow, run fast or work on technique. Thats just my opinion.

I have never trained with the medium intensities, so I can’t offer you much debate in this area. I have no doubt that there is “more than one way to skin a cat” as has been said here. But because this is, and because the man’s philosophy justifiably permeates through the forum, and furthermore has proven to be exceptional both intuitively and in real-world results for me, I can’t imagine defying his experience in this area.

To give you an idea what I mean by his philosophy intuitively making sense with me, consider this: I am an ex-volleyball player. Years and years of jumping develop your vertical leap to a great degree, obviously. Now, I see many parallels in the athlete who can jump high with the athlete who can run fast. Like in the areas of quick twitch muscle development, glute and ham involvement in a maximal approach, power at take-off, elastic and reactive properties contributing to explosiveness, etc.

Now, there is no such thing as learning to jump high by taking 80% intensity spike approaches! Not even in conditioning sessions, or at any point in the training year. The jumper instinctively knows he will never jump higher wtihout maximal or near-maximal effort consistently throughout training. That, and my own sprinting results, are why I feel Charlie is bang-on with this concept, though I cannot discount any other person’s success with a different philosophy.

I had been throught the GPP phase over the summer so i was planning on starting my track season earlier, and yes i am a 200/400 guys but right now i want to develop my 200m speed first.

I think intermediate speeds >80% - <90% (in theory) are more useful for the longer distances. 400m might still be too short for real benefits, albeit better suited than 200m and especially 100m.


Nice gpp layout, but my question is: would a training phase consisting of no sprint or plyo work for 4 weeks be detrimental to a sprinter? I have been doing my own gpp for a few weeks now, although I have been sprinting and doing various jumps. I feel that I need to get into better shape, so I would consider doing this, but I am worried that no sprinting will have a poor effect on my speed. I basically have 5 more months of training before my season.


Besides the long tempo, what type of work would you prescribe during a GPP phase (for a high school athlete with a decent background, like Oni or me)?

yeh but its a short phase for a really out of shape person, or overweight(as myself) to drop bodyfat. You can adjust it if you would like. I suppose short acc. on day 1 and on day 4 max V drills(ins and outs, flying runs), thats what i would do, adding in speed endurance during the acc. dev. phase.