Hows my preseason 200m workout

I think what i got here is good enough. THe track is finally open so im gonna put it into action tomorrow. The only thing that i have some doubt in is my monday and friday workout. Do you think it’s too light?

1x300 @ 95% (Rest 20 minutes)
2x150m @ 95-100%

8-10*200 @70% w/ 70 seconds between reps

2x80m @ 95-100% w/ 8-10 minutes between reps
2x50m @ 95-100% w/5-7 minutes between reps
3xFlying 30m @ 95-100% w/ 5-7 minutes between reps

See Tuesday

Friday- 250m @ 95-100% rest 15-20 minutes
200m @ 95-100% rest 15 minutes
150m @ 95-100% rest 10 minutes

4x200m @ 75% w/ 70 seconds rest
2x150m @ 75% w/50 seconds rest

I take it this is part of a long to short program? On wednesday I would put the flying runs first. I would also have longer than 70 seconds rest for the 200’s on saturday. I don’t think you can complete them each in the same time at 75% with that short of recovery.

long to short program? well its gonna be my preseason training. i already had gpp for 2 months. ya now that i think about it 70s is too short, ill raise it to 3 min.

When are you competing? Thats alot of speed for early on. Have you considered doing work to improve your sprint training capacity?

Also with the tempo there is nothing wrong with eventually having short recoveries, as long as you progress down to them from a far more conservative rest interval, you may be surprised at how quickly they can come down though …

i think the training session on friday is a bi too hard you wont be able to perform the polys after 600m of full speed and wieght training as the polys need to be performed right orless there is a risk of injury
also there is alot of 95%-100% effort which puts ur cns under stress

friday’s not too hard…I’ve done 3x250m Special Endurance and still had the energy to get plyos and weights in…You could laways have a full recovery break after the last rep and then do plyos…or else modify the plan…its all in the matter of adjusting volume. If you know your too fried…Scrap it.

it looks very good, though i can point out a few things.

ur doing tempo work 3times per week, variation of distances is always better and makes it less boring. plus maybe the volume on sat could be raised up a bit since u will be resting the following day.

flying runs on wed should be done first, immediately after ur warm up. plus u can add in more sprints during this session as well, since its only one session per week where u develop ur speed.

i was thinking about replacing saturday with a speed workout similar to that of wednesday, since i only have 1 speed day per week.

im competing during march and conditioning starts during december for our school.

You have speed work (95% plus intensity) 3 days a week. I wouldnt add any more, I’d look at optimizing recovery work on the low intensity days. Lots of speed for a GPP plan.